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    Default trading vaultberry (boys only mostly)

    so im trading some vaultberry items for other vaultberry items. boys items only basically, except for some of the sandals

    heres what i have:

    flannel shirt (ocean, amethyst)
    heart t-shirt (twilight, stormcloud)
    hoodie (twilight)
    long sleeve flared shirts (twilight, cloverleaf, rubyburst, turbo, white)
    robgoblin t-shirt (sapphire)
    rolled sleeve shirt (turbo)
    short sleeve flared shirt (turbo)
    swirly shirt (white)

    baggy jeans (ocean, black, white)
    bermuda pants (black, twilight)
    boot-cut pants (twilight)

    orange strapped flipflops (black, orange, twilight, aqua)
    slipper sandals (white)
    striped sandals (aqua)
    suede shoes (orange, aqua)

    im mostly looking for shirts, i can also pay coins if nothing in the list above is to your liking, feel free to tell me what you have and how much you want for it, dont go overboard with it though pl0x thnx

    what im looking for

    black robgoblin t-shirt/striped shirt
    short sleeve shirts
    one stripe shirts
    rolled sleeve shirts
    three quarter plaids
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    IGN: Broski

    buying old school, PM me :]

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