I am Trading Stuff For Vests, Ruffled Blouses (Striped and non striped), Caprises, Hightops, Strapped shoes, AND OTHER!!!!! (From Vault or Before December Update!

Heres what I AM TRADING!:
Alpine Hat
Alpine Gloves
Alpine Boots
Insulated Boots
Insulated Gloves
Insulated Hat
Insulated Sweater
Insulated Pants
Toasty Boots
Toasty Gloves
Toasty Sweater
Toasty Pants
Toasty Hat
Briarwood Gloves
Blackspore Gloves
Memorial Gloves
Snowhill Gloves
Light Blue Filigree Long Sleeve
Bright Blue Striped Vest
Pink Blouse Vest (Light Pink)
Seaside Shorts
Traveler's Shorts
Light green Board Shorts
Ayani Boots
Light Blue Hightops (Non Foldover)
Foldover Orange Hightops
Yellow Mother's Bouquet
Father's Grilling Fork
Cowboy Hat

Thank you For READING~!