Helloo, I have a Shuffle Shoo ter and I don't really want to redeem it.. I want to trade it! Here's what i'll trade it for.

*NOTE* If you seem trust-worthy, I will trade first. But I will need to see the item in the trade window before I trade it.

Any one of these:

Any piece of Elite Black Brutal Blast for Archer. (Except for the shirt)

Sport Shades (O.o)

An Elite Black Frenzy Fighter Shirt for Brawler

Old Purple, Light Blue, OR Orange Hasty Mailing Shorts (For Girls.)

Any Elite Black Non-Combat piece.

Or any one of these vaults (Everything is for girls):

Light Blue Rolled-Sleeve Hoodie
Magenta Rolled-Sleeve Hoodie
Magenta Striped Tank Top
Light Blue Cardigan Sweater
Old Purple Cardigan Sweater
Dark Red Cardigan Sweater
Old Purple Striped Tank Top
Light Blue Dark Shoulder Midriff
Magenta Dark Shoulder Midriff
Old Purple Dark Shoulder Midriff
Magenta Hightops
Dark Red Hightops
Magenta Strapped Shoes
Light Blue Strapped Shoes
Old Purple Strapped Shoes
Dark Red Strapped Shoes
Old Purple Stitched Capris
Dark Red Stitched Capris
Magenta Striped Baggy Pants
Old Purple Striped Baggy Pants
Light Blue Striped Baggy Pants
Magenta Layered Skirt (Old kind)
Light Blue Layered Skirt (Old kind)

Yepp, that is it XD If you have any of these you would like to trade for the Shuffle Shoo ter just PM me or reply here.