Hi and thanks for viewing! I am offering several items off this list for a black or white beret. I know it's rare so like I said, offering several items. Mix and match anyway you want. I really want one so I'm willing to work with you on this. Some items are rares and some are not.

Girls Tops:

Cardigan - Sunrise orange (rare)
Pet trainer apron - Green (rare)
Pink small sweater blouse - Grey or brown (rare)
Rolled sleeve hoodies - Midnight blue or Sunrise orange or Shadestone grey (rare)
Small sweater blouse - Yellow (rare)
Striped ruffled blouse - Forest green (rare)
Zipped leather jacket - Grey or green (not rare just cool)
Alien shirt - Black (not rare just weird)

Girls bottoms:

Alien pants - Yellow or white or purple
Layered skirt - Woodland green (rare)
Layered skirt - Ocean blue (rare)
Striped baggy pants - Thunderbird red


Black fingerless gloves


Non fold high tops- Icy blue or teal or brown or grey (rare)
Orange knee high boots - Grey or teal
Strapped sandals - Yellow
Toasty winter boots - Red or blue or pink


Ninja Shadow blade of Soulpower
Warlord axe
Warriors double ax of spinning
Bow of blizzards
Bow of volleys


Snow days (2)
Clockwork (49)
Original (9)
Si Fi (22)

Well thanks again for viewing. I hope there's someone out there willing to trade. If you have any advice regarding this post, I appreciate it. Remember, I am willing to trade alot of things on this list for the beret. IGN is Luckycharm27 and I'm on and off all day. Have fun and see you there!!