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    Default Trading Rares Etc. for 500 SC Code

    I'm trading for a legit 500 SC Code that has not been used up or made up. Must be purchased.

    I'll trade these in-exchange for the code:

    -Robot Boombox
    -Clockworks Boombox
    -Paper Bag Candy Carrier
    -Stone Heart's Roses
    -Alienware T-Shirt
    -Dark Blue Skull Beanie and Shades
    -2 Hoodie Jackets (Dark Blue, Orange)
    -A nice, dark blue Robgoblin Shirt

    That's it. Here's how "I want" the trade to go...

    1. Add me in-game, or whisper me.

    2. I'll trade you my items. BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CODE READY.

    3. Send me a private message here on freerealmsinsider with the code. REMEMBER: TYPE VERY CAREFULLY. NO MISTAKES!! D:

    If I repeatedly will try the code over and over and over again and it doesn't work, then:

    1. You need to resend me the code.

    2. You're a scammer and I'll report you...

    All of these items are valid for both Boys and Girls.

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    Default Re: Trading Rares Etc. for 500 SC Code

    No offense but I think you're under-paying just by a little bit. (Like 300k)

    Ign: James Royallance

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