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    Default Trading for Quick Shot Or Swift String Shirts

    Here are the shirts I'm looking for:

    • Magenta(I could offer 1.7mill or old school)

    Here is what i can offer:
    • $15 Sc Card(2000Sc)
    • $25 Sc Card(2500Sc)
    • Tcg(Ask to see)
    • Felt Berets(White, Black)
    • Old School Gear:

    Spoiler: show

    ✧ Feral fire gloves(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Savage String gloves(Yellow, Berrybright)
    ✧ Brutal Blast Hoodie(Orange, green)
    ✦ Feral Fire hoodie(Yellow)
    ✧ Rapid shot Tunic(Magogany, Yellow)
    ✦ Feral fire Leggings(Berrybright)
    ✦ Fast Blast Leggings(Berrybright)
    ✧ Quick Shot Leggings(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Savage String Boots(Icy)
    ✧ Feral fire Boots(Mahogany)
    ✦ Savage String Boots(Yellow)
    ✧ Storm shot boots(Light green)
    ✦ Storm Shot Quiver(Mahogany)

    Rapid shot Boots(Berrybright)
    ✦ Trick shot Gloves(Rosepetal)
    ✧ Trick shot hoodie(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Savage string gLeggings(roseptal)
    ✧ Quick shot Quiver(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Quick shot Shirt(Berrybright)

    ✧ Frenzy Fighter Helmet(Mahogany)
    ✦ Frenzy fighter gloves(Mahogany)
    ✧ Buff Bruiser Shirt(Orange, Berryrbight, Brown)
    ✦ Fenzy fighter Shirt(Mahogany)
    ✧ Strong Scapper shirt(Rosepetal, Light green, Yellow)
    ✦ Berserk Bruiser Pants(Magogany)
    ✧ Strong Scrapper Pants(Berrybright)
    ✦ Rowdy rumbler Pants(Berryrbight)
    ✧ Buff Bruiser Pants(Berrybright)

    Buff Bruiser Boots(Berrybright)
    ✧ Berserk Bruiser Boots(Mahogany)
    ✦ Frenzy fighter Boots(Mahogany)
    ✧ Strong Scrapper Boots(Yellow)
    ✦ Alley fighter boots(Yello)
    ✧ Berserk Bruiser Shoulders(Yellow, Mahogany)
    ✦ Frenzy fighter shoulders(Rosepetal)
    ✧ Buff Bruiser Shoulders(Mahogany0

    ✧ Pain Relief Helmet(Orange, Rosepetal)
    ✦ Wound Mender Helmet(Berrybright)
    ✧ Emergency Aid Gloves(Mahogany)
    ✦ Pain Relief Jacket(Rosepetal)-Only trading for emergency aid/trauma suport Jacket in rosepetal-

    ✧ First aid Shirt(Icy)
    First Aid Pants(Icy)
    ✧ Emergency Aid Pants(Yellow)
    ✦ Wound Mender Pants(Berrybright)
    ✧ Heal support Pants(Light brown, Berrybright)
    ✦ Pain Releif boots(ORange)
    ✧ Trauma Support Boots(Mahogany)
    ✦ Wound Mender Boots(Berrybright)
    ✧Feild Support Boots(Yelllow)
    ✧ Pain Relief Back Pack(Orange)

    ✧ Fighting tiger cowl(Icy)
    ✦ flying Dragon cowl(Mahogany, Berybright, rosepetal, Yellow)
    ✧ Stalking Panther Cowl(Light Brown)
    ✦ Striking Serent Cowl(Icy, Orange, Yellow)
    ✧ Flying Dragon Wrists(Berrybright, Rosepetal)
    ✦ Stalking Oanther Wrists(Light brown)
    ✧ Striking Serpent Wrists(Rosepetal, Brown)
    ✦ Flying Dragon Gi(Berrybright)
    ✧ Stalking Panther Gi(Brown, Orange, Berrybright)
    ✦ Striking Serpent gi(Mahogany, Orange, Light green)
    ✧ Fighting tiger pants(Icy, Mahogany)
    ✦ Flying Dragon Pants(Berrybright, Brown)
    ✧ Stalking Panther Pants(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Striking Serpent Pants(Mahogany, Yellow)
    ✧ Flying Dragon Tabi boots(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Striking Serpent Tabi Boots(Yellow)
    ✧ Diving Hawlk Tabi Boots(Icy)
    ✦ Fighting tiger Shoulder(Light Green, Mahogany)
    ✧ Flying Dragon shoulder(Berrybright, Orange)
    ✦ Striking Serpent Shoulder(Icy, Yellow, Mahogany)
    ✧Diving Hawk Shoulder(Berrybright, Yellow, Mahogany)
    ✧ Soaring Eagle shoulder(Icy)

    ✧ Heroic Champion Helmet(Grey, Light Purple)
    ✦ Stead Fast Guardian Helmet(Blue)
    ✧ Courageous Defender Helmet(Dark Purple)
    ✦Interpid Rotector Helmet(Rosepetal)

    ✧ Heroic Champion Gloves(Tan, Blue, Mahogany)
    ✦Interpid Rotector Gloves(Rosepetal)
    ✧Heroic champion Tunic(Dark Purple)
    ✦Interpid PRotector Tunic(Rosepetal)
    ✧ Interpid Protector Pants(Dark Purple, Rosepetal)
    ✦ Interpid Protector Shoulders(Dark purple, Rosepetal)

    ✧ Elipce Infused Fezz(Rosepetal)
    ✦ Power Charmed Cap(Mahogany)
    ✧ Nether Enchanted Robe(Icy, Mahogany, Yellow)
    ✦ Ellipse Infused Medium Cloak(Orange, Light Green, Brown)
    ✧ Storm Charmed Medium cloak(Brown, Yellow)
    ✦ Ellipse Infused Skirt(Orange)
    ✧ Power Charmed Skirt(Mahogany)
    ✦ Nether Enchanted Shoes(Yellow) -Girls-
    ✧ Tempest Woven Shoes(Mahogany) -Girls-
    ✦ Solar charmed shoes(Mahogany) -Girls-
    ✧Comet Infused shoes(Orange) -Girls-

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