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    Default Trading Punk Pants

    hey. well i got Punk pants from somebody a while ago. and i just got another pair. I am tryin to trade them for Skater Kicks and Hip hop Boom box. or atleast the skater kicks (or goth coat). if you want the punk pants, and have any of those items. let me know. i am ready to trade. i will be back on later.
    i hope someone will trade


    anyone need them?? xP
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    Default Re: Trading Punk Pants

    >_<'' i need the punk pants all my rewards are the ones nobody wants and ya.... ._.''
    i have heart candy, burger thing, crimson rose, and some thing else.... ._.


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    Default Re: Trading Punk Pants

    hmmm well I dont really need the punker pants since I think they would look silly on a pixie, (since skinny jeans give pixies stick legs)

    But I do have a hip hop boom box that I do not really need either, so if you are looking for a boom box I would be happy to trade you the boom box for the punker pants, maybe I can get a rocker hat with the pants if I am lucky.

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