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    Default Trading old school for game cards

    Hello, still selling here, and if you are interested in any of the items below PM me with what you are interested in.
    I accept Wizard101 prepaid game cards.
    Adventurer Clothing:
    Sports Shades
    black spore gloves
    ayani tree explorer gloves/wrist bands
    briarwood explorer gloves
    gold trimmed gloves (purple, faded blue, aqua, teal, green, pink, brown)
    memorial cavern gloves
    seaside explorer gloves
    snowhill explorer gloves
    white-stitched fingerless gloves (blue)
    Bomber jackets (pink, gray, purple, orange, teal)
    rolled sleeve rope shirt (blue, green)
    duelist shirts (Nature, Machine, Order, Chaos)
    Vault flannel shirt (light blue, light purple)
    Vault hoodie (green, dark red)
    vault Layered shirt (dark red, yellow, light pink)
    vault one stripe shirt (White, Red)
    Pet trainer aprons ( Red, Light blue, Black, Red, Light purple (x2) )
    vault rolled sleeve shirt (light purple, dark green)
    vault short-sleeve flared shirt (purple)
    vault short sleeve plaid ( light pink )
    vault striped shirt (dark red, dark green)
    Vault three quarter plaid (dark purple)
    Vault baggy jeans ( blue, white , light/dark brown, red, light pink)
    Vault boot cut pants (Dark green (x2), Orange)
    Vault cargo shorts (light pink, black (x2))
    Pet trainer pants ( blue, olive green)
    Loose skinny jeans (black, white, teal, orange, purple, pink, green)
    Vault high tops (orange, light pink, light blue, dark red)
    Vault Orange-strapped sandals (light pink)
    Vault Stripped sandals (light blue)
    Vault Suede shoes (light purple)
    Milk Carton Gloves
    Bulls Eye hat (Purple, beige, orange, gray, brown, black, dark blue, blue)
    Quick shot hat (light purple)
    Bulls eye wristguards (brown, white, light yellow, blue, purple, teal, dark blue)
    Feral Fire gloves (Light blue, light purple)
    Trick shot gloves (Dark red, light purple, orange, light blue)
    Swiftsting gloves (brown)
    Quick shot gloves (light purple, yellow)
    Bulls eye archer tunic (teal, purple, blue, beige, orange)
    Brutal blast hoodie (light purple, magenta)
    Feral fire hoodie (light brown, light purple)
    Savage sting hoodie (yellow, dark red)
    Trick shot hoodie (light blue)
    Rapid fire tunic (orange)
    Fast Blast tunic (orange, light purple)
    quick shot tunic (light purple)
    Brutal blast leggings (light purple)
    Bulls Eye archer leggings (white, yellow (x2), black, blue, dark blue, orange, purple, green (x2))
    Feral fire leggings (light purple)
    Trick shot leggings (orange, light blue)
    savage sting leggings (yellow)
    Rapid shot leggings (orange)
    Quick shot leggings ( light purple, yellow )
    Bulls eye archer boots (dark green, light green, teal, blue, purple)
    Feral fire boots (light purple)
    Savage sting boots (light blue, dark red, yellow)
    trick shot boots (light blue, magenta)
    Rapid shot boots (orange)
    Fast blast boots (orange)
    Quick shot boots (light purple)
    Brutal blast quiver (dark red, light purple)
    Bulls eye archer quiver (purple, blue)
    Feral fire quiver (light purple)
    Savage Sting quiver (yellow, orange)
    Trick shot quiver (light blue)
    Rapid shot quiver (orange)
    Quick shot quiver (light purple)
    Beserk helmet (light purple, magenta, light blue)
    buff bruiser helmet (magenta, light purple)
    Frenzy fighter helmet ( yellow, light blue, light/dark brown)
    Rowdy Rumbler hat (light blue, brown)
    Beserk brawler gloves ( light green, light blue)
    buff bruiser gloves (light purple)
    Strong scrapper gloves ( yellow, orange )
    knockdown brawler gloves (elite black, black, gray, brown, blue, purple)
    knockdown brawler mask (brown, pink)
    Beserk bruiser shirt (light green)
    Buff bruiser shirt (light purple)
    Elite Pink Frenzy Fighter shirt
    knockdown brawler jersey (red, brown)
    Rowdy rumbler shirt (light blue)
    Berserk bruiser pants (light green, dark red)
    buff bruiser pants (light purple)
    Frenzy fighter pants (light purple)
    knockdown brawler pants (brown, yellow, light blue, gray, purple, dark blue)
    feisty fighter pants ( light purple)
    Beserk bruiser boots (dark red, light green, magenta)
    buff bruiser boots (brown, light purple, magenta)
    knockdown brawler leg pads (elite black, aqua, gray, light purple, pink, dark blue, brown)
    Rowdy rumbler boots (light blue)
    buff bruiser shoulder pauldrons (light purple)
    knockdown bawler shoulderpads (light brown, yellow, elite black, blue, brown)
    Shredding Chef Set (Max lvl 20)
    Fast Food had (brown)
    Simmering pants (light green)
    Fast Food pants (light purple)
    Demo Derby:
    Amateur Demo Derby Set (brown)
    Kart Driver:
    Expert Kart Driver set ( light green )
    Pain relief set (orange x2)
    pain relief helm ( purple, light blue)
    Stopping power medic helm ( brown, gray)
    Pain relief gloves (light blue)
    Stopping power medic gloves ( brown, light yellow)
    Pain relief jacket (light purple)
    Trauma Support jacket (light blue)
    stopping power medic jacket (orange)
    heal support shirt (magenta)
    hurt mender shirt (light purple)
    field support shirt (light blue)
    Emergency aid pants (light purple)
    stopping power pants ( pink, brown)
    Hurt mender pants (magenta)
    Emergency aid boots (light blue, magenta)
    pain relief boots (light purple)
    stopping power boots (blue)
    wound mender boots (light blue)
    stopping power backpack (green)
    Dirt farmer hat (orange)
    Full Loaded Set (Max lvl 20)
    Flying Dragon set (light blue)
    Jonin Set (Red, Green, Purple)
    First-Class Postman Set (Max lvl 20)
    Hasty mailing bands (magenta)
    Hasty mailing shirt (dark red, orange)
    comfy delivery shoes (magenta, light purple)
    hasty mailing shoes (orange)
    Critical warrior helm ( red, white, green)
    Heroic helm ( light purple, brown)
    Stalwart protector helm (light blue)
    Spirited protector helm (magenta)
    Critical hit warrior guantlets ( red, pink)
    Intrepid protector guantlets (magenta)
    courageous defender guantlets (light blue)
    Critical hit warrior breastplate (green, black, blue)
    Heroic champion tunic (magenta, orange)
    Intrepid protector tunic (magenta)
    Stalwart protector tunic (light blue)
    Critical hit warrior pants (black)
    heroic champion pants (orange, brown)
    Intrepid protector pants (brown)
    stalwart protector pants (light blue)
    Critical hit warrior boots (red, aqua)
    heroic champion hightops (gray, brown)
    Stalwart protector hightops (dark red)
    courageous defender hightops (magenta, light blue)
    Critical hit warrior pauldrons ( red )
    Stalwart protector shoulder (light blue)
    Intrepid protector shoulder (brown)
    Arcane master wizard helm (purple, dark blue)
    Shadow infused hat (light purple)
    Tempest woven hat (brown, light green)
    Solar charmed cap (light blue)
    Comet infused cap ( light blue)
    Arcane wizard master gloves (purple, pink)
    Arcane master robe (teal)
    Nether Enchanted robe (light blue)
    Shadow infused long cloak (magenta)
    tempest woven long cloak (yellow, brown)
    Void woven robe (magenta)
    Solar charmed short cloak (light blue)
    Lunar enchanted short cloak (light blue)
    Arcane master wizard pants (purple)
    shadow infused pants (magenta)
    Void woven pants (brown)
    Arcane master wizard boots (purple, pink, light green)
    Shadow infused shoes (magenta)
    Tempest woven shoes (light blue, brown)
    Arcane master wizard shoulder ( purple, gray (x2) )
    Balloon wand (yellow)
    Archers forged bow of Advantage
    Jagged Bow (Light Blue)
    Butterfly bow (yellow)
    Monarch Bow (yellow)
    Gemstone bow (light purple)
    Recurve bow (dark red)
    Shortbow (magenta)
    Balloon Hammer (Light pink, dark blue, brown, light purple, dark purple, orange, black)
    Anvil hammer (magenta, light green)
    Kendama Hammer (light green, light blue)
    Rowdy Rumbler hammer (magenta)
    Lightning Cup (white)
    Balloon Saw (Purple)
    Monarch Scalpel (yellow)
    Nature's Bark (brown)
    Balloon Sword (Red, Brown)
    Sword of Omens
    Balloon Axe (Blue x2, Orange, Brown)

    PM ME if interested
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    Default Re: Trading old school for game cards

    PM if interested.
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    Default Re: Trading old school for game cards

    Still selling! Giving prices off items! PM

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    Default Re: Trading old school for game cards

    Do you mean like PSN cards/SC cards?

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    Default Re: Trading old school for game cards

    Still trading! i accept wizard101 prepaid game cards.

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