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    Default Trading Old School Armor!

    Howdy! I am looking to trade my old school armor to help me finish my light blue Archer set.

    Here are the light blue pieces I need:
    Trick Shot or Brutal Blast Wristguards
    Trick Shot or Brutal Blast Leggings
    Trick Shot or Brutal Blast Boots

    If you would like to trade, please let me know which old pieces you would like and hopefully we can make a deal!

    Here is the armor I can trade for the armor I need:

    Spoiler: show
    Dark Red Storm Shot Quiver

    Purple Strong Scrapper Helmet
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter Cap
    Light Blue Frenzy Fighter Gloves
    Dark Red Street Scrapper Gloves
    Purple Buff Bruiser Shirt
    Purple Berserk Bruiser Shirt
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter Shirt
    Purple Buff Bruiser Pants
    Light Green Ring Rumbler Pants
    Magenta Rowdy Rumbler Pants
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter Pants
    Dark Red Street Scrapper Boots
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter Boots
    Purple Rowdy Rumbler Boots
    Purple Buff Bruiser Pauldrons
    Magenta Ring Rumbler Pauldrons
    Dark Red Ring Rumbler Pauldrons
    Magenta Street Scrapper Pauldrons
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter Pauldrons

    Dark Red Hurt Mender Gloves
    Purple Pain Relief Jacket
    Purple Trauma Support Fatigues
    Purple Pain Relief Boots
    Purple Wound Mender Backpack

    Light Blue Fighting Tiger Shoulderguard

    Dark Red Steadfast Guardian Tunic
    Dark Red Daring Champion Breeches
    Dark Purple Stalwart Protector Hightops
    White Heroic Champion Pauldrons

    Purple Nether Enchanted Slacks
    Purple Nether Enchanted Shoes
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