As the title says im looking for milk gloves, if you might trade milk gloves for some of the things i have listed below please feel free to PM me. Now here are some differwnt things i can offer:

Elite black:
Warrior Interpid Protector(Helmet, arms, shirt, pants, boots)
Brawler Frenzy fighter(Helmet, arms)
Ninja SS(Cowl x2, arms x2, shirt, pants, feet, shoulder)

Girls vaults:
Pink small sweater(Purple)
Stripe Ruffle Blouse(Purple)
Stripe Ruffle Blouse(Dark Red)
Boot cut pointy Pants(Light blue, Purple)
Flared Capris(Magenta, Purple, Light blue)

Guys Vaults:
Onestripe Shirt(Dark Red)

Everyones Vaults:
Boot cut pants(Dark Red)
Small stitched Pants(Purple)
Orange Strapped Sandals(Light blue)

Clockwork stuff:
Clockwork Monkey Red
Clockwork Monkey Blue
Clockwork Monkey yellow

Old school(ask to see)
Sizzling frying pan vr
Toyger whistle
Pretty Princess Hat
Penguin Feather Mask
Normal vrs(series 1,2,3,4) - Ask to see