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    Default Trading Magetech Costume

    I have the Magetech costume up for trade today. I'm not really a fan of it, lol. What I'm looking for in trade is in my wishlists below. It can be a combination of items, coins, whatever. And I'm basing the value of this costume within the 300k-650k range. Thanks for looking!

    Vaultberry Wishlist:
    Cardigan Sweater: Sunrise, Ocean
    One-Shoulder Shirt: Ocean, Turbo
    Rolled-Sleeve Hoodie: Stonesurf, Bubblegum
    Vest Blouse: Stormcloud, Sunrise, Amethyst

    Max Gear Wishlisht:
    Arcane Master Robe: Twilight
    Arcane Master Robe, Skirt, Boots: Ocean
    Arcane Master Gloves, Robe, Skirt, Boots, Talisman: Aqua
    Bulls-Eye Hat, Gloves, Tunic, Leggings, Boots, Quiver: Ocean
    Bulls-Eye Hat: Aqua
    Bulls-Eye Boots: Twilight
    Critical Hit Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, Pauldrons: Twilight
    Critical Hit Gauntlets, Tunic, Greaves, Boots, Pauldrons: Ocean
    Critical Hit Helm, Greaves, Boots, Pauldrons: Aqua
    Knockdown Mask, Armpads: Twilight
    Knockdown Mask, Jersey, Shoulderpads: Ocean
    Knockdown Mask, Armpads, Jersey, Shoulderpads: Aqua
    Jonin Cowl, Tabi Boots: Aqua

    Gloam Gear Wishlist:
    Stonesurf Boots of the Viper
    Aqua Boots of the Viper
    Midnight Pants of the Viper

    Aqua Greaser Boots
    Bubblegum Freewheeler Backpack
    Bubblegum Greaser Backpack
    Bubblegum Greaser Gloves
    Stormcloud Greaser Gloves
    Midnight Freewheeler Gloves
    Midnight Greaser Jacket
    Midnight Greaser Boots
    Stonesurf Freewheeler Gloves
    Cloverleaf Greaser Gloves
    Cloverleaf Freewheeler Boots
    Cloverleaf Freewheeler Jacket
    Turbo Freewheeler Gloves
    Turbo Greaser Jacket
    Turbo Greaser Pants
    Turbo Greaser Boots
    Sunrise Greaser Pants

    Old School Wishlist:
    Flying Dragon Boots: Rosepetal
    Flying Dragon Gi: Berrybright
    Purple Wizard Cloak (Both short and long; long without hood)
    Any wizard skirt, shoes in Icy, Rosepetal, Berrybright, Mahogany
    Low level Medic pants in Icy, Rosepetal, Berrybright, Mahogany
    Any Archer pieces.

    New School Wishlist:
    SC Colored only: Mainly low to mid level Archer (any pieces), Wizard (anything except talismans and fez hats), and Medic (pants) in colors I don't already have.
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    Default Re: Trading Magetech Costume

    Good luck. I have some Greaser Biker stuff I doubt you want. Not in any of those colors.
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    Default Re: Trading Magetech Costume

    it is worth about 600, 700k. anything less than that and you got a horrible deal. just a heads up.

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    Default Re: Trading Magetech Costume

    Thank you
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