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    Default Trading Hasty Items

    Hey there it's wish, i'm trading some of these items so, offer away if you like the item! Or even if you want to. Highest priority (Quick shot tunic)

    Postman Items:

    Hasty Mailing Shirt (Light Blue)

    Hasty Mailing Shirt (Yellow)

    Hasty Mailing Shirt (Light Green)

    Hasty Mailing Shirt (Retired Red)

    Hasty Mailing Shorts (Light Green)

    Quickstep Shoes (Level 16) (Yellow)

    Note: The Shirts are each 3-5 million in value, my highest want is a quick shot tunic. Any color except purple.
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    Default Re: Trading Hasty Items

    Make an offer threads are not allowed. List what you're generally looking for (Vaults, SC, coins, TCG, etc.) to fix that.
    If I post in your shop please send me a PM when you respond. Otherwise, it is unlikely that I will remember to check back.
    IGN: Rore

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