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    Default Trading a full set of elite black striking serpent armor


    I'd like to trade it for a bunch of SC or some club penguin membership cards, anything that I can trade up to a high end game in the market like far cry 3, if you have any other memberships such as world of warcraft, or microtransaction codes I would kindly accept those as well. I will also take game offers on steam, such as dungeonland. You can pay me @ paypal if you are interested in purchasing them by other measures.

    Rules of the trade.

    I am in the trading industry so in order to make a profit I have to have something that another person would be interested in, the rules of the trade is that unless you have a high reputation you will go first.

    The way this trading works is that you trade me a MT card, such as club penguin, or world of warcraft, then I trade it for something else. Such as money on paypal or a game on steam, or maybe I could trade it for another MT card, either way. Profit is to be made. Do not come here offering free realms items unless if you are offering a ton of items and I will expect them in an abundance

    NOTE: I rarely check FRI, so please if you offer it would be appreciated if you could leave an attachment in my email, thank you.

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    Default Re: Trading a full set of elite black striking serpent armor

    How much sc? o:

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    Default Re: Trading a full set of elite black striking serpent armor

    you may only trade for sc cards or SOE cards (: sorry its a rule!
    Narwhales. Bai.

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