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    Default Trading FoH Stuff

    I need:

    Everloving Edge
    Bleeding Heart Shirt
    Broken Heart Shirt
    White Teddy Bear
    Stone Hearts Bear

    I have to trade:

    Stone Heart Roses
    Friendless T-Shirt
    Pink Teddy Bear x 3
    Red Teddy Bear x 2
    Be-Mine Basket x 3
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    Dorian Silvervale & Baron Von Boomer

    Her Majesty's Secret Service

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    Default Re: Trading FoH Stuff

    Hey Dorian! I can trade you a white teddy for your roses if not then i will trade them for the pink teddy (trying to get 20 of each)

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    Default Re: Trading FoH Stuff

    My little sister has played the same battle about ten times trying to get a pink teddy bear, and it would make her day if I could buy one!

    I have a white teddy bear to trade for it!!!
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    Have a great day!

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