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    Default Trading for a Few Items

    So basically I'm trading some things for things I want. c:

    Items I Want:

    • Aqua Rolled-Sleeved Hoodie
    • Aqua Hightops
    • Aqua, Bubblegum, Amethyst, or Twilight Kercheif Midriff
    • Bubblegum Hightops

    Items I'm Willing to Trade:
    Spoiler: show
    Aqua Sci-fighter Costume
    Turbo Zoot Suit

    Spoiler: show
    Sandrift Bee Antennae
    Twilight Bee Antennae
    Baseball Cap
    Jester Hat x2
    Bubblegum Outback Hat
    Seeker's Hat
    Turbo Striped Beanie Cap

    Spoiler: show
    Ocean Designer Gloves
    Sapphire Designer Gloves

    Spoiler: show
    Bubblegum Alien Shirt
    Twilight Filgree Long-sleeve
    Teal Hoodie Jacket
    Yellow Hoodie Jacket
    Red Hoodie Jacket
    Black Hoodie Jacket
    Allspice Kercheif Midriff
    Toasty Poofy Blouse Vest
    Stonesurf Poofy Blouse Vest
    Allspice Ruffled Blouse
    Mantis Ruffled Blouse
    Allspice Small Sweater Blouse
    Mantis Wild T-Shirt
    Ocean Wild T-Shirt

    Spoiler: show
    Bubblegum Alien Pants x2
    White Alien Pants
    Mantis Board Shorts
    Cloverleaf Boot-Cut Pointy Pants
    Turbo Boot-Cut Pointy Pants
    Amethyst Flared Capris
    Sapphire Flared Capris
    Orange Loose Skinny Jeans
    Teal Loose Skinny Jeans
    Dark Blue Loose Skinny Jeans

    Spoiler: show
    Stonesurf Gold Buckled Knee-high Boots
    Ocean Hightops
    Turbo Orange-Strapped Flip Flops
    Precursor Hover Boots

    Spoiler: show
    Red Mother's Day Bouquet
    Pink Mother's Day Bouquet
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