As the title says! looking for berets. And i have lots of gear, so i was looking to trade it! Heres what i have and what I'm looking for.

:Freewheeler Biker Goggles: x12
Light Pink, White/tan x2, Dark Blue x2, Quest teal x2, light green, Dark purple, Brown, Sc Blue, light yellow,
:Greaser Biker Goggles: x8
Sc Blue x2, Red, Brown, Greenish brown, light yellow, tan, hot pink.

:Freewheeler Biker Gloves: x7
Light yellow, Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Teal, Sc blue, Cloverleaf, Hot pink.
:Greaser Biker Gloves: x3
Grey x2, hot pink

:Freewheeler Biker Jackets: x3
Orange, Sc Blue, Dark Blue.
No Greaser

:Freewheeler Biker Pants: x6
Teal, Red, Hot Pink, Brown, Dark Blue, Sc Blue
:Greaser Biker Pants: x1

:Freewheeler Biker Boots: x3
Dark Teal, Dark Red, Orange
:Greaser Biker Boots: x4
Orange, Brown, Dark blue, Light green

:Freewheeler Biker Backpack: x6
Orange x2, Dark teal, Sc blue, Hot Pink, Dark Purple
:Greaser Biker Backpack: x6
Red, Black, Brown, Sc blue x2, Light coin shop blue

So a total of ... Drumroll ...
59 peices. Woot.

If you wish to trade a beret for many of these biker gear peices, im sure we can make out and dicide on a deal that benefits both of us. I am trading for berets. This it not a MAO thread, just a thread that is only accepting berets, but loosely colorwise. Any color accepted, but at different ranks. You can get less peices for lesser colors. I can deny your request. If this happens, feel free to try again! Priority colors are stated below, along with the low priority colors.

Priority Colors:

:Low Priority Colors: