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    Default Trading Birthday T's for Holiday House Items!

    ~I have the following items available for trade~

    ~Birthday T-shirts & Weapon~

    Free Realms x1
    Merry Vale x1
    Sanctuary x3
    Seaside x2
    Shrouded Glade x2
    Snowhill x2
    Wugachug x2

    Pink Balloon Hammer

    ~What I'm looking for~

    Holiday house items, such as the Valentine Day teddy bear. Since the birthday
    event was my first event on Free Realms, I haven't got any of the previous
    holiday items at all. I'm primarily interested in V'day and Xmas items.
    Will trade fairly based on current values of all items.

    Please be sure to leave your in-game name, what times you are normally
    available, and what server you usually play on. My online time is very limited
    but if I know ahead of time I can usually work something out.

    ~Collection Items~

    Blue Spotted Mushroom x1
    Boiling Nettleseed Water Sample x2
    Boiling Sanctuary Water Sample x1
    Brawler Story pg 1 x1
    Brawler Story pg 2 x1
    Brawler Story pg 5 x2
    Brawler Story pg 7 x1
    Clean Sanctuary Mixture x1
    Dried up Sanctuary Leaf x1
    Dull Knife x1
    Fatal Mushroom x1
    Fire and Ice Doll Arms
    Freezing Nettleseed Liquid Concoction x1
    Freezing Nettleseed Water Sample x1
    Green Mushroom x1
    Green Spotted Mushroom x1
    Hammer Ergonomic Grip x1
    Hammer Essence of Earth x3
    Hammer Essence of Water x3
    Hammer Essence of Wind x1
    Hammer Mold x3
    Magical Nettleseed Water Sample x2
    Old Button Mushroom x1
    Orange Spotted Mushroom x2
    Ordinary Shell x1
    Pixiewood Doll Gear x1
    Polished Handle x1
    Purified Nettleseed Water Sample x1
    Rook Seasnail x1
    Rotten Mushroom x1
    Slimy Spotted Caterpillar x1
    Small Button Mushroom x1
    Small Orange Firefly x1
    Smelly Button Mushroom x3
    T***** Mushroom x1
    Toxic Nettleseed Water Sample x1
    Yellow Mushroom x1

    ~What I'm looking for~

    I am aware that some of the collections listed below are not
    tradeable or are gained by adventuring, but I want to keep track of what
    collections I have already obtained and what I still need, so I will
    do so by removing items listed below as I obtain them. If you have
    any of the following collection items for trade, and would like any that
    I have listed above, let me know your in game name, server, and what time
    is good for you to meet up, and we can work something out.

    Sharp Ancient Arrowhead
    Cracked Ancient Arrowhead
    Fragile Ancient Arrowhead
    Treasured Ancient Arrowhead
    Well Made Ancient Arrowhead
    Worshipped Ancient Statue
    Fragile Ancient Statue
    Treasured Ancient Statue
    Well Made Ancient Statue
    Brittle Ancient Statue
    Forgotten Ancient Statue
    Decorated Ancient Urn
    Cracked Ancient Urn
    Fragile Ancient Urn
    Valuable Ancient Urn
    Treasured Ancient Urn
    Well Made Ancient Urn
    Forgotten Ancient Urn
    Historical Button
    Gingerbread Man Button
    Bronze Button
    Antique Button
    Magnetic Button
    Tunic Button
    Big Blue Doll Mask
    Big Blue Doll Chest
    Big Blue Doll Pauldrons
    Big Blue Doll Arms
    Big Blue Doll Pants
    Big Blue Doll Weapons
    Big Blue Doll Potions
    Tera-dactyl-opter Wing
    Tera-dactyl-actyl Wing
    Tera-ditzy Wing
    Tera-dact-attactyl Wing
    Tera-docter Wing
    Tera-wacky-dactyl Wing
    Tera-dopo-lous Wing
    Black Bird of Paradise
    Purple Bird of Paradise
    Green Bird of Paradise
    Blue Bird of Paradise
    Yellow Bird of Paradise
    Pink Bird of Paradise
    The Sinking Cemetery
    The Quagmire Quarry
    Mucklewhump's Ferry
    Splortata's Camp
    Mortal Resting Place
    Sinking Hopes
    Ghastly Mining
    Beyond Watchful Eyes
    Dirty Bottle
    Perfume Bottle
    Water Bottle
    Baby Bottle
    Message in a Bottle
    Ship in a Bottle
    Lightning in a Bottle
    Hammer Head
    Hammer Essence of Fire
    Brawler Story pg. 6
    Entrance Fee
    An A-maze-ing View
    Derby Lookout
    Stalking The Stalks
    Amidst The Spores
    Sleepy Time
    Battle Near The Ancients
    Orange Mushroom
    Blue Mushroom
    Gather Round the Campfire
    Xandril's Nook
    Scouting the Pathway
    Bright Sun Doll Mask
    Bright Sun Doll Chest
    Bright Sun Doll Arms
    Bright Sun Doll Legs
    Bright Sun Doll Pants
    Bright Sun Doll Weapons
    Bright Sun Doll Potions
    Bronze Racing Medal
    Bronze Hide and Seek Medal
    Bronze Tag Medal
    Bronze Swimming Medal
    Bronze Jokester Medal
    Large Button Mushroom
    Rotten Button Mushroom
    Red Carnation
    Pink Carnation
    Purple Carnation
    Orange Carnation
    White Carnation
    Yellow Carnation
    Blue Carnation
    Casual Doll Cap
    Casual Doll Jacket
    Casual Doll Pants
    Casual Doll Ring
    Casual Doll Shoes
    Casual Doll Boots
    Large Checkered Ant
    Angry Checkered Ant
    Smelly Checkered Ant
    Large Checkered Caterpillar
    Smart Checkered Caterpillar
    Angry Checkered Caterpillar
    Smelly Checkered Caterpillar
    King Checkered Caterpillar
    Queen Checkered Caterpillar
    Small Checkered Centipede
    Large Checkered Centipede
    Smart Checkered Centipede
    Slimy Checkered Centipede
    Smelly Checkered Centipede
    King Checkered Centipede
    Queen Checkered Centipede
    Large Checkered Spider
    Smart Checkered Spider
    Angry Checkered Spider
    Slimy Checkered Spider
    Glass Button
    Silver Button
    Sleeve Button
    Sweater Button
    Collar Button
    Assembly Button
    Yellow Daffodil
    Blue Daffodil
    Pink Daffodil
    Red Daffodil
    Orange Daffodil
    Green Daffodil
    Purple Daffodil
    Pink Daisy
    Red Daisy
    White Daisy
    Yellow Daisy
    Purple Daisy
    Blue Daisy
    Patched Tires
    Flat Tires
    Recycled Tires
    Old Tires
    Worn Down Tires
    Monster Tires
    Muddy Tires
    Anniversary Ring
    Wedding Ring
    Promise Ring
    Sentimental Ring
    Fake Ring
    Celebration Ring
    Expensive Ring
    Tuff Mutt
    Red Doll
    Green Doll
    Blue Doll
    Brown Doll
    Orange Doll
    Pink Doll
    Gold Doll
    Bixies Defended
    Garden Defended
    Birds of Paradise
    Rare Orchid
    Water Lily
    Calla Lily
    Passion Flower
    Moon Flower
    Snowhill Birds of Paradise
    Snowhill Orchid
    Snowhill Hibiscus
    Snowhill Water Lily
    Snowhill Calla Lily
    Snowhill Passion Flower
    Snowhill Moon Flower
    Extra Large Blue Thornfin
    Extra Large Talking Bass
    Extra Large Goofy Grouper
    Extra Large Plattypus
    Extra Large Flutterfish
    Extra Large Butter Flyfish
    Expensive Fancy Ring
    Big Fancy Ring
    Fake Fancy Ring
    Extravagant Fancy Ring
    Lavish Fancy Ring
    Valuable Fancy Ring
    Upscale Fancy Ring
    Fire and Ice Doll Mask
    Fire and Ice Doll Chest
    Fire and Ice Doll Pauldrons
    Fire and Ice Doll Legs
    Fire and Ice Doll Pants
    Fire and Ice Doll Weapons
    Fire and Ice Doll Potions
    The Mystic Circle
    Bent Fork
    Silver Fork
    Rusty Fork
    Primitive Fork
    Fancy Fork
    Plastic Fork
    Formal Doll Cap
    Formal Doll Dress
    Formal Doll Accessories
    Formal Doll Gloves
    Formal Doll Shoes
    Formal Doll Boots
    Eerie Flame
    Haunted Light
    Spectral Illumination
    Supernatural Blaze
    Wraithy Glow
    Ghastly Twinkling
    Vampiric Radiance
    Gold Racing Medal
    Gold Hide and Seek Medal
    Gold Tag Medals
    Gold Collection Medal
    Gold Swimming Medal
    Gold Marathon Trophy
    Gold Bowling Trophy
    Gold Golfing Trophy
    Gold Football Trophy
    Gold Cheerleading Trophy
    A Bag of Boogers
    A Bag of Gumballs
    A Bag of Plastic Flamingos
    A Bag of Lunchpails
    A Bag of Compact Discs
    A Bag of Websites
    Bramley's Seeding Apple
    Ginger Gold
    Golden Delicious Apple
    Mutsu Apple
    Greensleeves Apple
    Grimes Golden Apple
    Butter Knife
    Hunting Knife
    Carving Knife
    Steak Knife
    Sharpened Knife
    Toxic Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Purified Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Dirty Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Boiling Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Freezing Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Magical Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Mystical Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Purified Lakeshore Water Sample
    Dirty Lakeshore Water Sample
    Freezing Lakeshore Water Sample
    Mystical Lakeshore Water Sample
    Red Lily
    Orange Lily
    White Lily
    Purple Lily
    Pink Lily
    Blue Lily
    Monarch Butterfly
    Swallowtail Butterfly
    Xerces Butterfly
    Painted Lady Butterfly
    Speckled Wood Butterfly
    Chugawugs Medal of Honor
    Pixies Medal of Honor
    Robgoblins Medal of Honor
    Humans Medal of Honor
    Dwarfs Medal of Honor
    Trolls Medal of Honor
    Unidentified Medal of Honor
    Snowhill Guarded
    Bixies Guarded
    Garden Guarded
    Up The Tree
    Party Tent
    I Stand Alone
    Toxic Merry Vale Mixture
    Clean Merry Vale Mixture
    Dirty Merry Vale Mixture
    Boiling Merry Vale Mixture
    Freezing Merry Vale Mixture
    Magical Merry Vale Mixture
    Mystical Merry Vale Mixture
    Toxic Merry Vale Water Sample
    Clean Merry Vale Water Sample
    Purified Merry Vale Water Sample
    Dirty Merry Vale Water Sample
    Boiling Merry Vale Water Sample
    Freezing Merry Vale Water Sample
    Mystical Merry Vale Water Sample
    Piece of Gold Ore
    Chunk of Gold Ore
    Gold Ore Nugget
    Block of Gold Ore
    Sliver of Gold Ore
    Ounce of Gold Ore
    Pile of Gold Ore
    Piece of Silver Ore
    Chunk of Silver Ore
    Silver Ore Nugget
    Block of Silver Ore
    Sliver of Silver ore
    Hunk of Silver Ore
    Pile of Silver Ore
    Baby Fossil
    Tiny Fossil
    Teeny Fossil
    Bitty Fossil
    Little Fossil
    Pint-sized Fossil
    Pitiful Fossil
    The Enemy is Defeated
    Going Home
    Superb Strategy
    Impenetrable Defense
    Unstoppable Offense
    Immense Courage
    Blue Bottle Cap
    Red Bottle Cap
    Green Bottle Cap
    Silver Bottle Cap
    Orange Bottle Cap
    Black Bottle Cap
    Tin Bottle Cap
    Toxic Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
    Purified Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
    Dirty Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
    Boiling Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
    Magical Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
    Mystical Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
    Dirty Nettleseed Water Sample
    Mystical Nettleseed Water Sample
    Stillwater Crossing Newbie
    Rusty Bottle Cap
    Pristine Bottle Cap
    Shiny Bottle Cap
    Halved Bottle Cap
    Bent Bottle Cap
    Grimy Bottle Cap
    Flattened Bottle Cap
    Torn Boot
    Ruined High Top
    Broken Flip Flop
    Soleless Boot
    Mangled Boot
    Stained Slip On
    Smelly Sneaker
    Large Orange Firefly
    Smart Orange Firefly
    Angry Orange Firefly
    Slimy Orange Firefly
    Smelly Orange Firefly
    King Orange Firefly
    Queen Orange Firefly
    Purple Orchid
    Red Orchid
    Pink Orchid
    Yellow Orchid
    Green Orchid
    Orange Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Large Pine Cone
    Sprouting Pine Cone
    Jeweled Pine Cone
    Pixiewood Doll Cap
    Pixiewood Doll Jacket
    Pixiewood Doll Shirt
    Pixiewood Doll Pants
    Pixiewood Doll Ring
    Pixiewood Doll Shoes
    Pixiewood Doll Boots
    Dinner Plate
    Salad Plate
    Dessert Plate
    Wooden Plate
    Sterling Silver Plate
    License Plate
    Toxic Mushroom
    Morbid Mushroom
    Noxious Mushroom
    Venemous Mushroom
    Lethal Mushroom
    Tasty Portobello Mushroom
    Rotten Portobello Mushroom
    Sealed Envelope
    Blank Envelope
    This Side Up
    Gift Package
    Wax Sealed Envelope
    First Class Envelope
    Fragile Package
    Swirling Crystal Ring
    Ruby Gold Ring
    Pink Pearl Ring
    Emerald Ring
    Amethyst Ring
    Golden Blue Ring
    Shamrock Ring
    Seafoam's Mansion
    Fancy Seaside Shell
    Salty Seaside Shell
    Smelly Seaside Shell
    Sandy Seaside Shell
    Ordinary Seaside Shell
    Chugawug Apple
    Robgoblin Apple
    Gala Apple
    Pixiewood Apple
    Honeycrisp Apple
    Jonagold Apple
    Solar Ring
    Electric Ring
    Wind Ring
    Wave Ring
    Geothermal Ring
    Bio Ring
    Tidal Ring
    Rockstar Doll Jacket
    Rockstar Doll Shirt
    Rockstar Doll Pants
    Rockstar Doll Gear
    Rockstar Doll Shoes
    Rockstar Doll Shorts
    Rockstar Doll Glasses
    Rockstar Doll Jacket
    Rockstar Doll Pants
    Rockstar Doll Gear
    Rockstar Doll Gloves
    Rockstar Doll Shoes
    Rockstar Doll Boots
    Royal Doll Crown
    Royal Doll Gown
    Royal Doll Shirt
    Royal Doll Pants
    Royal Doll Accessories
    Royal Doll Shoes
    Royal Doll Boots
    Seaside Complete
    Blackspore Complete
    Snowhill Complete
    Wilds Complete
    Jeweled Key
    King's Key
    Queen's Key
    Mayor's Key
    Chugawug Key
    General's Key
    Spying On The Warriors
    Up The Palace Walls
    Left Falls
    Wet Sanctuary Leaf
    Torn Sanctuary Leaf
    Freshly Fallen Sanctuary Leaf
    Bug Bitten Sanctuary Leaf
    Fuzzy Sanctuary Leaf
    Silky Sanctuary Leaf
    Toxic Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Clean Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Purified Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Boiling Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Freezing Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Magical Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Mystical Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Toxic Sanctuary Mixture
    Purified Sanctuary Mixture
    Dirty Sanctuary Mixture
    Boiling Sanctuary Mixture
    Freezing Sanctuary Mixture
    Magical Sanctuary Mixture
    Mystical Sanctuary Mixture
    Pixiewood Mist
    Over the Rainbow
    Dirty Sanctuary Water Sample
    Freezing Sanctuary Water Sample
    Salty Sand Dollar
    Smelly Sand Dollar
    Slimy Sand Dollar
    Luxurious Oceanfront Homes
    Just Hanging Out
    Off The Wall
    Cliff Diving
    Up Sandy Rocks
    Sea-cret Spot
    Oceanfront Property
    Seaside Doll Hat
    Seaside Doll Accessories
    Seaside Doll Surfboard
    Seaside Doll Beach Towel
    Toxic Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Clean Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Purified Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Dirty Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Boiling Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Freezing Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Magical Seaside Liquid Concoction
    Bridging the Gap
    Seaspray Hideaway
    Pawn Seasnail
    Slimy Shell
    Fresh Shell
    Dirty Seaside Water Sample
    Tasty Shiitake Mushroom
    Moldy Shiitake Mushroom
    Smelly Shiitake Mushroom
    Rotten Shiitake Mushroom
    Druid Academy
    Towering The Opening
    A Shady Area
    Milla's Place
    Back Against The Wall
    A Shrouded View
    Silver Racing Medal
    Silver Hide and Seek Medal
    Silver Tag Medal
    Silver Collection Medal
    Silver Swimming Medal
    Silver Jokester Medal
    Silver Gamer Medal
    Lookout Below
    Frostbitten Carnation
    Chilled Carnation
    Icy Daffodil
    Wintery Daffodil
    Frozen Daffodil
    Frostbitten Daffodil
    Chilled Daffodil
    Icy Daisy
    Wintery Daisy
    Frosty Daisy
    Frostbitten Daisy
    Chilled Daisy
    Melted Corner
    Penguin Path
    Perry's Hideaway
    Between Rocks And Trees
    Dried Up Snowhill Leaf
    Freshly Fallen Snowhill Leaf
    Bug Bitten Snowhill Leaf
    Frozen Snowhill Leaf
    Frosty Lily
    Chilled Lily
    Glacial Lily
    Icy Orchid
    Frosty Orchid
    Frozen Orchid
    Glacial Orchid
    Snowh8ill Doll Cap
    Snowh8ill Doll Jacket
    Snowhill Doll Shirt
    Snowhill Doll Pants
    Snowhill Doll Gloves
    Snowhill Doll Shoes
    Snowhill Doll Boots
    Frostgill Smelt
    Coach Loach
    Spineless Stickleback
    Snowmen Melted
    Yetis Thwarted
    Troll Scouts Hunted
    Ice Trolls Evaporated
    Between the Peaks
    Penguin Point
    Smitty's Hiding Place
    Blue Thornfin
    Talking Bass
    Pacu Pacu
    Goofy Grouper
    Wintery Sunflower
    Snowy Sunflower
    Frosty Sunflower
    Chilled Sunflower
    Glacial Sunflower
    Wintery Tulip
    Frosty Tulip
    Glacial Tulip
    Small Solid Ant
    Large Solid Ant
    Angry Solid Ant
    Slimy Solid Ant
    Smelly Solid Ant
    King Solid Ant
    Queen Solid Ant
    Small Solid Caterpillar
    Large Solid Caterpillar
    Smart Solid Caterpillar
    Angry Solid Caterpillar
    Slimy Solid Caterpillar
    Smelly Solid Caterpillar
    Small Solid Snail
    Angry Solid Snail
    Slimy Solid Snail
    Smelly Solid Snail
    King Solid Snail
    Queen Solid Snail
    T-Rexy Spine
    Brachio-sore-ous Spine
    Veloci-rapture Spine
    Seismo-trucka-saurus Spine
    Dilo-phono-saurus Spine
    Petri-dactyl Spine
    Bent Spoon
    Silver Spoon
    Primitive Spoon
    Fancy Spoon
    Soup Spoon
    Musical Spoon
    Wooden Spoon
    Large Spotted Ant
    Smart Spotted Ant
    Smelly Spotted Ant
    King Spotted Ant
    Queen Spotted Ant
    Small Spotted Caterpillar
    Large Spotted Caterpillar
    Smart Spotted Caterpillar
    Angry Spotted Caterpillar
    Smelly Spotted Caterpillar
    King Spotted Caterpillar
    Queen Spotted Caterpillar
    Small Spotted Snail
    Large Spotted Snail
    Smart Spotted Snail
    Slimy Spotted Snail
    Smelly Spotted Snail
    King Spotted Snail
    Large Spotted Spider
    Angry Spotted Spider
    Smelly Spotted Spider
    King Spotted Spider
    Pet Center
    Stillwater Party
    Large Striped Ant
    Smart Striped Ant
    Angry Striped Ant
    Slimy Striped Ant
    Smelly Striped Ant
    Queen Striped Ant
    Small Striped Caterpillar
    Large Striped Caterpillar
    Smart Striped Caterpillar
    Angry Striped Caterpillar
    Smelly Striped Caterpillar
    King Striped Caterpillar
    Large Striped Centipede
    Slimy Striped Centipede
    Smelly Striped Centipede
    King Striped Centipede
    Queen Striped Centipede
    Large Striped Snail
    Smart Striped Snail
    Angry Striped Snail
    Slimy Striped Snail
    Smelly Striped Snail
    King Striped Snail
    Queen Striped Snail
    Tiki Torch
    Olympic Torch
    Juggler's Torch
    Survival Torch
    Dungeon Torch
    Crypt Torch
    Cave Torch
    Silver Lining Medal
    Shooting Star Medal
    Star Cluster Medal
    Snowflake Medal
    Life Energy Medal
    Ayani Medal
    Sun Touched Medal
    Enchanted Mushroom
    Tiny Mushroom
    Crystal Mushroom
    Jail Cell Key
    House Key
    Makeup Box Key
    Cash Register Key
    Cabinet Key
    Safety Lock Key
    Axe Essence of Wind
    Axe Essence of Earth
    Warrior Story pg 1
    Warrior Story pg 2
    Warrior Story pg 3
    Warrior Story pg 6
    Warrior Story pg 7
    Ocean Ring
    River Ring
    Collection Waterfall Ring
    Ring of Rain
    Pond Ring
    Newbie Explorer Complete
    Shrouded Glade Complete
    Queensfields Complete
    Forest Troll Village Complete
    Perfect Robgoblin View
    Rocking the Rivers
    Swimmer's Haven
    Tin Man's Nest
    A Path Less Traveled
    Merry Notch
    Gazing Beyond
    Wilds Doll Cap
    Wilds Doll Jacket
    Wilds Doll Shirt
    Wilds Doll Gear
    Wilds Doll Gloves
    Wilds Doll Shoes
    Wilds Doll Boots
    Shepherd's Watch
    Spying on Bandits
    Tent Dent
    Wand Essence of Wind
    Wand Essence of Water
    Wand Essence of Earth
    Carved Wood
    Metal Rod
    Crystal Gems
    Dragons Breath
    Floren Moustache Leaf
    Yeti Hair
    Robgoblin Booger
    Rabbit Rinsing
    Wugachug Lookout
    Stage Presence
    Wugachug Spy Spot
    Snowy Peaks
    Bumble Bee Stinger Yo-yo
    Shamrock Rocket Yo-yo
    Blue Bomber Yo-yo
    Stingray Sleeper Yo-yo
    Tiger Strike Yo-yo
    Ghosthunter Yo-yo
    The Black Hole Yo-yo

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    Default Re: Trading items...

    i'd like the merry vale shirt. If you're willing to sell it. I will buy it for 4,000 coins. Thanks
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    Default Re: Trading items...

    I'm actually not looking to sell for coin As I stated in my first post, I want to trade for holiday house items. Sorry.
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    Default Re: Trading items...

    Still interested in trading for house items, as stated in the first post.

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