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    Default Trading for Aqua Rolled-Sleeved Hoodie

    I really want one, but everyone seems to like theirs too much. :c

    Here's what I can trade for the Aqua Rolled-Sleeved Hoodie (you pick out of the list):

    • Aqua Sci-Fi Suit
    • Yellow Zoot Suit
    • Light Green Ruffled Blouse
    • Brown-ish (?) Small Sweater Blouse
    • Orange Blouse Vest
    • Dark Purple Filgree Long-Sleeve
    • Yellow Filgree Long-Sleeve
    • White Poofy Blouse Vest
    • Brown Poofy Blouse Vest
    • White Gold-Buckled Knee High Boots
    • Black (more of a dark grey) Gold-Buckled Knee High Boots
    • Light Purple Hightops
    • Red Orange-Strapped Flip Flops
    • Dark Blue Strapped Shoes
    • Precursor Hover Boots
    • Pink Mother's Day Bouquet
    • Hot Pink Outback Hat
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