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Title: Trading

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    Default Trading

    Hi! I want to trade a few items:

    MY blue Sci-Fi Suit for YOUR orange/white skates
    MY purple Brairwood Explorer gloves (Looks just like fingerless) for YOUR heart antennae and Heart-Shaped Harp **ON HOLD FOR ELEMENT IF SHE STILL WANTS IT**
    MY **ney dew toasty winterwear boots for YOUR un-used rares
    MY green insulated winterwear jacket for YOUR un-used rares

    Thanks! PM me for questions!

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    It was fun playing with you guys! Ilysm!

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    Default Re: Trading

    Hi, I have the heart antennae and I have Stone Heart's Harp, but I can get a regular harp if you prefer. Could you hold the purple gloves for me? And they're SC purple, right?

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    Default Re: Trading

    aww man, beat to it :/

    IGN Cori Goldensea
    Youtube: TheDailyWizard

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