ok this is what i need and i would trade for i do my best to give you a better offer i'm trading tcg cards for in game items these are the parts i need and i well list my rewards and tcg cards i have and you make a offer

bull's eye archer quiver
jonin leggings
jonin gi
jonin helm
jonin boots
jonin shoulder guards
arcane master wizard robe
arcane boots
arcane gloves
arcane leggings
arcane helm
arcane talisman

cards i have for trade and rewards some rewards are worth alot so may require more items if you if you perfer cards i got some exclusive cards for trade explosive arrows, chugawug sergreant,rock toss,stolen away ,chaz strongarm, you cant get these cards online only threw real life which makes them rare seens they no longer make the packs in real.

duelist utility belt, briarsting bow,sparkly oil diamond shard(uncommon),ceremonial mantis bow (super rare), pug whistle ( rare) , players club card (rare), ,electric oil diamond shard (very rare)sparkling tiara (super rare), goth googles,goth gloves,wolf t shirt... plz post your item and the item you would like and i well get back at you asap . merry christmas to all