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Title: Toys

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    Default Toys

    Hello, I am trading toys.

    Aboinable Snowman
    Commander Kluggenkrush
    Gloom Overloard
    Holiday Floren
    Nogg the Cruel
    Sad Chatty

    Fruitcake Critter
    Gloom Construct
    Holiday Robgiblin (The blue text one)
    Ice Sentinel

    I mostly want the Ice Sentinel, Gloom overloard, Holiday Floren, Necronomicus, the Aboinable Snowman
    I can pay 5K-10k each for the one I want and 5K ↓ for the others.
    I am going to put all the toys I have in my house. My IGN is Ghost Archarrow. Feel free to friend me.
    I am NOT selling the toys, I am trading them for what I want.
    I am available From Friday (12/26) through Sunday (1/5) and Friday through Sunday every week after the break.
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    Default Re: Toys

    I have these:

    Fruitcake Critter
    Sad Chatty
    Commander Kluggenkrush
    Ty Princess Melodie for the Signature & Avatar & the Shop Avatar
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