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    Default Tee's Combat Store

    Hi there! Just wanted to sell some extra combat gear. Thanks for stopping by! God bless!


    *I only hold for one day/24 hours. If holds need to be longer, please let me know.
    *Please use order form below to make trades easier for both you and me.
    *Do not add me in game until order is confirmed and because orders will take place with my alt. My alt's inventory is better organized and less cluttered, making trades faster for both of us. I will most likely add you. Name to keep an eye out for: Kyrie Eléison.
    *It is up to you to notify me if you cancel or change your order. I will not try to track you down after the hold period expires.
    *If an item does not have a set price, then you may offer on it. Reasonable offers only!
    *Please leave IGN and any alt codes you may have.

    Order Form (just copy and paste): (Please use this to make things easier for us both!)




    NEW SCHOOL SC COLORED GEAR: Only buying SC colors! Let me know what you have and what price you're looking for.

    Urgent Care Medic Pants: All SC colors except Twilight.

    Any level Wizard Shoes I do not have. Just let me know what you have for sale.

    Any level Wizard Skirt I don't have. Just let me know what you have for sale.

    Pressure Wave Medic Fatigues

    Drifting Archer Hoodie: Aqua, Bubblegum, Twilight, Cloverleaf, Sunrise, Stormcloud

    Cross Wind Hoodie: Bubblegum, Stormcloud, Stonesurf, Cloverleaf, Rubyburst, Aqua

    Any Wizard Short Cloaks I don't have.

    Cross Wind Gloves: Cloverleaf
    Cross Wind Hoodie: Twilight
    Cross Wind Boots: Bubblegum
    Drifting Leggings: Bubblegum
    Drifting Quiver: Stonesurf
    Hen Feather Cap: Turbo
    Hen Feather Boots: Sunrise
    Hen Feather Quiver: Rubyburst
    Pin Hole Shades: Aqua, Stormcloud
    Pin Hole Gloves: Ocean, Sunrise, Turbo
    Pin Hole Hoodie: Rubyburst, Twilight
    Pin Hole Leggings: Aqua, Ocean, Sunrise, Turbo
    Pin Hole Boots: Bubblegum, Ocean, Turbo
    Pin Hole Quiver: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Sunrise
    Point Blank Tunic: Cloverleaf, Sunrise
    Upshot Shades: Aqua, Bubblegum, Stormcloud, Twilight
    Upshot Gloves: Rubyburst, Sunrise, Twilight
    Upshot Hoodie: Aqua, Stonesurf, Twilight
    Upshot Boots: Aqua, Bubblegum, Rubyburst, Twilight
    Upshot Quiver: Ocean, Rubyburst, Stormcloud, Twilight

    Bare-Knuckle Helmet: Aqua, Bubblegum, Ocean, Stonesurf, Sunrise, Twilight
    Bare-Knuckle Gloves: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Sunrise, Twilight
    Bare-Knuckle Jacket: Cloverleaf, Rubyburst, Stormcloud
    Bare-Knuckle Pants: Cloverleaf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Turbo
    Bare-Knuckle Boots: Aqua, Bubblegum, Cloverleaf, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Twilight
    Bare-Knuckle Pauldrons: Cloverleaf, Ocean, Rubyburst, Stormcloud, Twilight
    Power Punch Helmet: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Turbo, Twilight
    Power Punch Gloves: Ocean, Stonesurf
    Power Punch Jacket: Aqua, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Twilight
    Power Punch Pants: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Rubyburst, Stormcloud, Twilight
    Power Punch Boots: Ocean, Rubyburst, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Turbo
    Power Punch Pauldrons: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Turbo
    Saved By The Bell Pants: Aqua

    Antibiotic Cap: Aqua
    Antibiotic Boots: Turbo
    Energy Transfer Gloves: Sunrise
    Energy Transfer Backpack: Rubyburst
    Hydrostatic Gloves: Turbo
    Pressure Wave Gloves: Sunrise
    Wound Ballistic Gloves: Stormcloud

    Chunin Cowl: Bubblegum, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Turbo, Twilight
    Chunin Wristguards: Aqua, Ocean, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Twilight
    Chunin Gi: Aqua, Stormcloud
    Chunin Hakama: Aqua, Bubblegum, Sunrise, Turbo, Twilight
    Chunin Tabi Boots: Bubblegum, Ocean
    Chunin Shoulderguard: Aqua, Bubblegum, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Turbo, Twilight
    Kusa Cowl: Cloverleaf, Rubyburst, Turbo
    Kusa Gi: Sunrise
    Kusa Hakama: Sunrise, Bubblegum
    Nokizaru Cowl: Turbo
    Nokizaru Wraps: Rubyburst, Turbo
    Sekkou Cowl: Aqua, Bubblegum
    Sekkou Wraps: Rubyburst
    Sekkou Hakama: Aqua
    Soke Cowl: Aqua, Ocean, Stonesurf
    Soke Wristguards: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Stonesurf, Sunrise, Turbo, Twilight
    Soke Gi: Cloverleaf, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Turbo
    Soke Hakama: Cloverleaf, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Twilight
    Soke Tabi Boots: Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Sunrise
    Soke Shoulderguard: Aqua, Cloverleaf, Ocean, Rubyburst, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Twilight

    Action Power Gauntlets: Twilight
    Action Power Hightops: Bubblegum, Stormcloud, Twilight
    Called Shot Tunic: Ocean
    Called Shot Pauldrons: Cloverleaf, Twilight

    Adept Hat: Aqua, Bubblegum, Ocean, Turbo
    Adept Gloves: Rubyburst
    Adept Robe: Rubyburst
    Archmagus Hat: Cloverleaf, Ocean, Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Sunrise, Turbo, Twilight
    Archmagus Gloves: Bubblegum
    Archmagus Robe: Aqua, Rubyburst
    Archmagus Skirt: Ocean, Rubyburst, Stonesurf
    Archmagus Shoes: Aqua, Stonesurf, Turbo
    Archmagus Shoes (Boys Only): Twilight
    Archmagus Talisman: Stormcloud
    Hedge Talisman: Cloverleaf
    Novice Short Cloak: Twilight
    Practioner Gloves: Stonesurf
    Practioner Talisman: Rubyburst
    Scholar Gloves: Ocean

    All 150k each.
    Alley Fighter Gloves: Toasty
    Diving Hawk Shoulderguard: Toasty
    Strong Scrapper Helmet: Toasty

    Old School Jewelry and Shards
    Brittle Dreadful Triangle Shard- Power 3, Chance to boost damage on every hit, Level 4, Any combat job
    Burning Ethereal Triangle Shard- Power 5, Increases health Regen by 213, Level 16, Any combat job
    Burning Eternal Triangle Shard- Power 5, +712 Health, Level 16, Any combat job
    Dull Ocean Necklace- Power 1, +23 ?(don't know, symbols are gone), Level 1, Blacksmith, Chef, Miner, Postman jobs
    Glowing Celestial Square Shard- Power 1, Chance to heal when hit, Level 1, Any combat job
    Granite Spectral Necklace- Power 4, +40 Energy, Level 8, Any combat job
    Heavy Eternal Triangle Shard- Power 4, +407 Health, Level 8, Any combat job
    Metallic Spectral Necklace- Power 5, +50 Energy, Level 12, Any combat job
    Smooth Dreadful Ring- Power 3, Increases Health Regen by 70, Level 8, Any combat job

    Below each section you'll find my "wishlist" section. I'll be trading items in order to obtain what is in my wishlist.





    Greaser Jacket: Turbo, Midnight
    Viper Tunic: Ocean
    Viper Gloves: Twilight


    Arcane Master Robe: Blizzard
    Bulls-Eye Tunic: Commoner
    Bulls-Eye Quiver: Sandrift
    Bulls-Eye Boots: Stormcloud (?)
    Critical Hit Guantlets: Thunderbird (Original)
    Critical Hit Breastplate: Stormcloud
    Critical Hit Greaves: Amethyst, shadestone (Original)
    Critical Hit Pauldrons: Stormcloud
    Jonin Hakama: Stormcloud
    Jonin Tabi Boots: Toasty
    Knockdown Mask: Bubblegum, Stormcloud
    Knockdown Armpads: Shadestone
    Stopping Power Jacket: Shadestone

    MY WISHLIST FOR MAX GEAR (Also buying for 20k+ each)
    Arcane Master Robe: Twilight
    Arcane Master Robe, Skirt, Boots: Ocean
    Arcane Master Gloves, Robe, Skirt, Boots, Talisman: Aqua
    Bulls-Eye Hat, Gloves, Tunic, Leggings, Boots, Quiver: Ocean
    Bulls-Eye Hat: Aqua
    Bulls-Eye Boots: Twilight
    Critical Hit Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, Pauldrons: Twilight
    Critical Hit Gauntlets, Tunic, Greaves, Boots, Pauldrons: Ocean
    Critical Hit Helm, Greaves, Boots, Pauldrons: Aqua
    Knockdown Mask, Armpads, Shoulderpads: Twilight
    Knockdown Mask, Jersey, Shoulderpads: Ocean
    Knockdown Mask, Armpads, Jersey, Legpads, Shoulderpads: Aqua
    Jonin Cowl, Tabi Boots: Aqua
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    Default Re: Tee's Combat Store (B/S/T)

    IGN: Rore
    Total: 15k
    Items: Stormcloud Upshot Shades, Stonesurf Upshot Hoodie, Stonesurf Archmagus Skirt
    If I post in your shop please send me a PM when you respond. Otherwise, it is unlikely that I will remember to check back.
    IGN: Rore

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    Default Re: Tee's Combat Store (B/S/T)

    IGN: Zàck
    Total: 10k
    Items: Aqua Bare-Knuckle Gloves, Cloverleaf Bare-Knuckle Pauldrons
    IGN: Broski

    buying old school, PM me :]

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    Default Re: Tee's Combat Store (B/S/T)

    Hi there I have every single piece of free wheeler gear and I have some druid gear, I am interested in the light green savage sting gloves and the icy medic boots. If your IG my name is Invalied, I will be on shortly, and I can show you everything.

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    Default Re: Tee's Combat Store (B/S/T)

    IGN: Meeshkabob
    Total: 25k
    (5k each)
    Drifting Leggings: Bubblegum
    Hen Feather Quiver: Rubyburst
    Point Blank Tunic: Cloverleaf, Sunrise
    Upshot Boots: Rubyburst
    { IGN } Meeshkabob

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