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Title: TCG Shop

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    Default TCG Shop

    Price is as labeled. Or use the SC code.


    Pay 200k get 20k discount
    Pay 300k get 30k discount
    Pay 400k get 40k discount
    Pay 500k + get 100k discount

    SC Code

    5$ SC - 3 items
    10$ SC - 4 items
    25$ SC - 5 items

    Rocker Pants 200k
    Rocker Vest 200k
    Skater Shirt 150k
    Skater Kicks 150k
    Skater Shorts 150k
    Punk Pants 250k
    Goth Goggles 200k
    Goth Gloves 200k
    Goth Boots 200k
    Goth Coat 250k
    Dunce Cap 200k
    Card Shark Trillby 200k
    Card Champions Sack 150k
    Card Champions Shades 150k
    Fire Hydrant Hat 200k

    Holds can be placed for 5 days maximum.


    Shattered Past x5 100k each

    Happy buying!
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