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    Default Tcg Quick Sale!!! *Click Here xD*

    Hey Everyone Ima Selling a Lilypad Lolipop it get it out of my Tcg Space
    Price: 6k (I'll also take tcg VR's xD)

    Pleease If your buying Post a Messge with your IGN

    We Trade first then we got into TCG and Trade
    I willl NOT Scam being in Insider that tells me that if I scam I lose me guild place :O

    some nerd who's too nostalgic for their own good

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    Default Re: Tcg Quick Sale!!! *Click Here xD*

    ill buy it, my ign is epik jackie, but yurr already on my friends list! >.<
    IGN: Lunär
    I'm Back and Better Than Ever!

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