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    Default TCG for Old/Vault

    Okay so hi XD I have SO much TCG and TCG packs and I am trying to collect old and vault before the shutdown of Free Realms. I would list everything I have, but it's seriously a lot.

    What I am looking for:



    I'm accepting any of the two, any item, so just message me with what you got and what you specifically want for it. Thanks!

    IGN: Rainböw
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    Default Re: TCG for Old/Vault

    Since everyone has access to the TCG packs for 1 SC each, that means the value of the packs has decreased immensely. If anyone really still cares about the value of things anymore, then you're probably not going to get any offers. As of now, your best bet to get any old gear and Royal Vault items would be to trade any discontinued items for them. This may (or may not) include holiday items--it may because we'll never have any Free Realms holidays ever again--it may not because some people still don't value these items very much.

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