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Title: Starter Cards

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    Default Starter Cards

    Hi!! I am selling starter cards, but four only. Each costs 25,000 coins, so i will pm you the code once you have given me the coins. Enjoy... Includes 30-day membership, 250 SC, and a magical potion.
    Hi. My name is Very Epic. I have a pet dino, a castle lot, (still making), two rides, (Snowball and surfboard), and yeah.

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    Default Re: Starter Cards

    Hi! I'd like to take one, and maybe if you'll still have more later, maybe those too.
    My ingame name is Seliah.

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    Default Re: Starter Cards

    i buy one 25k gold let me know when your on .. plz

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    Default Re: Starter Cards

    I'll buy right now.
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    Default Re: Starter Cards

    I'll buy one of them as well.
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