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    Default Sport Shades/Vaults Offer

    soo, I needa locate some Shades at the moment, I have accumulated some stuffz that I can offer, I can offer a bunch of these items together let me know what you want out of the list c:
    (pink) Girls Only (yellow) Boys and Girls

    Looking For:
    -Sport Shades

    Things I am Offering:
    -Glacierator 5000 ride (TCG)
    -Black Skinnies
    -Pet Trainer Pants (green)
    -Pet Trainer Apron (purple)
    -Pet Trainer Apron (yellow)
    -Pet Trainer Cap (tan)
    -Pet Trainer Cap (white)
    -Felt Beret (honeydew)

    -Felt Beret (mantis)
    -Alley Fighter hat (old red) brawler
    -Fighting Tiger Wrist (sunrise)
    -Hi Tops (light blue)
    -Cardigan (magenta)
    -Stitched Capris (dark green)

    -Cowboy Hat (red)

    I might have other stuff that Im forgetting lol. The stuff written in pink at the bottom, is all Old Vault there are NO Vault Berries on the list ^_^
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