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    Default Sold them in game. o-o


    Hi! I'm trading a pair of black skinnies for one of the following(listed from most wanted to least wanted):

    ~Shuffle S****** I will add 100k to this offer if you have one.

    ~Felt Beret in the following colors:
    Stonesurf, Stormcloud, Turbo, Sunrise, Bubblegum, Aqua, Light Green, etc. Post what colors you have and I may or may not accept.

    ~$5 SC Card

    ~Other TCG VRS such as:
    Shark Tribly Hat
    S.S. Dinghy Paddle
    Punk Pants

    ~Pet Trainer Apron - I can add 100k if you have one


    Please let me know what you have.
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