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    Icon11 Smilҽ Shoppe® UPDATED DAILY!

    Everything is worth smiling for!!
    Please subscribe to see all our deals daily.

    >Pink- Girls Only<
    >Blue- Boys Only<
    >Light/Teal- Boys & Girls<
    >[Members Only]<
    >Red text- How much you can save<
    >COMPLETE SET- (a complete set)<
    >PARTIAL SET- (a set missing one or two things)<

    (Note- complete combat gear sets do NOT include weapons to it [ex. Hen Feather Archer set, complete but does not include the bow.])

    >Trade coins first. Since this will be seen by several people, it is safe, I promise I do not scam.
    >First come first serve.
    >No arguments, and you can trade rares instead, as long as I approve or if its of equal value.
    >All trades take place in-game, Server 1, at the Seaside Warpstone.
    >NO HOLDS! The items must be sold to the purchaser ASAP, whenever they're ready to meet.
    >Leave your IGN in the comments.
    (This thread will be edited from time-to-time, and most products shown will probably only have 1 in stock, so hurry.)
    QTY= Quantity
    >GIVEAWAYs- Whoever comments me for that item first gets it.
    >NO REFUNDS, ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL. And you MAY trade these items again.
    My IGN: Alix Waspstinger, Ivy Moonhill, and Nikky Titanglade (all me). I will also trade with Nichole Mossvale.
    About Delivery-
    >Please allow 1-2 days for delivery. If you ask for SPEEDY ORDER, your order will be shipped the day after or that day, with a fee of 300 coins.


    Clothes/Adventure & Equipment
    Spoiler: show

    Dark Shouldered Midriff (pink/magenta)- 3k- QTY- SOLD
    Seeker's Hat - (allspice) 5k QTY- 1
    Traveler's Shorts - (blizzard) 10k QTY- 1
    Alpine Winterwear Boots - (shadestone, commoner, etc.) 6k QTY- 1
    Outback Hat - (stonesurf) 9k QTY- 1
    Calico Catfish- (yellow/orange) 7k QTY- 4
    Striped T-shirt - (thunderbird) 6k QTY- 1
    Bermuda Shorts - (thunderbird) 6k QTY- 1
    Seeker's Backpack - (allspice) 7k QTY- 1
    Hoodie Jacket - (purple and orange) 8k QTY- 2
    No-Love T-shirt -(stonesurf/gray) 5k QTY- 1
    Sanctuary Birthday T-shirt - (blizzard) 5k QTY- 1
    Briarwood Birthday T-shirt - (amethyst/twilight) 5k QTY- 1
    Blackspore Birthday T-shirt
    - (stonesurf/gray) 5k QTY- 1
    Seaside Explorer's Backpack - (blue/blizzard) 5k QTY- 1
    Cargo Shorts- (toasty) GIVEAWAY- QTY- 1


    Blouse vest, under or exactly 10k
    RARE hightops, (black) 5k
    Loose skinny jeans, (black), 6k

    Housing & Furniture
    Spoiler: show

    Basic Desks - (blue) 150 coins, QTY- 3

    Gumball Machine - (red) 500 coins QTY- 1
    Sylvan Stove - (sapphire) 1k QTY- 1
    Wind Wheel - (green and blue) 50 coins each QTY- 2
    Butterfly Square Rug - (sapphire, blizzard, and amethyst) 200 coins QTY- 1
    Fuzzy Squirrel - (runs around yard)(stonesurf) 200 coins QTY- 1
    Graveyard Fence - (twilight, amethyst) 100 coins QTY- 1
    Graveyard Fence Post - (twilight, amethyst) 100 QTY- 1
    Colored Crystal Pile - (rubyburst) 1k each QTY- 2
    Polly the Pirate painting - (thunderbird) 500 coins QTY- 1 Coin Shop price- 1k You save 500 coins
    Pirate Flag [Members Only] (black) 1k QTY- 1 Coin Shop price- 2k You save 1000 coins


    Wooden pictureboxes- (midnight) QTY- at least 8, price around 4k
    Any color blocks, preferably (blizzard) and flat-kind, QTY- at least 30, price around 1k

    Combat Jobs Weapons & Gear
    Spoiler: show

    You can tell me what weapon you want to buy, and I'll deliver it. All weapons are 2k.

    Hen Feather Archer set - (teal) 2k


    Nothing CURRENTLY


    Spoiler: show

    Auctions will (obviously) be auctioned off here if certain items are special enough to be carried out. If this thread becomes a little too overcrowded with bid offers, the bids will be moved to another thread i'll post.


    Nothing right now, but keep checking in to see if anything comes in!

    Our Satisfaction Guarantee
    Spoiler: show

    If your order is not satisfactory (the color of item is wrong, wrong item, wrong price, etc.) allow us to take 500-1K coins off of your order.
    We apologize for any inconvenience, we wish to make your order the best possible!

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    Default Re: Smilҽ Shoppe®

    Dark Shouldered Midriff (pink/magenta)- 3k- QTY- 1

    I'll take this!

    What's your IGN? I'm on now.
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    Default Re: Smilҽ Shoppe®

    Dark Shouldered Midriff (pink/magenta)- 3k- QTY- 1
    ill take it plz im online now ;]

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