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    Default The Siren Shoppe

    Hi guys! So i'm saving up all my money to buy berets for all my friends! so I'm practically selling like half of my wardrobe. >.<
    no fighting
    first come first serve
    i can hold for 2 days, once the time is up, the item goes back onto the market
    follow the FR and FRI rules


    Spoiler: show
    Sunrise bee antennae: 15k
    aqua bee antennae: 15k
    Toasty jester hat: 10k
    sapphire jester hat: 10k
    stonesurf jester hat: 15k
    shadestone jester hat: 10k
    mantis outback hat: 15k
    blizzard outback hat: 15k
    turbo outback hat: 20k
    ocean outback hat: 20k
    blizzard poofy blouse vest
    rubyburst sick kicks: 15k
    stormcloud sick kicks: 20k
    blizzard astro helmet: 15k
    stonesurf astro helmet: 20k
    amethyst sick kicks: 10k

    Mystery chest items:
    Spoiler: show
    stonesurf beanie cap: 10k
    aqua beanie cap: 10k
    sunrise beanie cap: 10k
    bubblegum beanie cap: 10k
    aqua hoodie jacket: 10k
    stormcloud hoodie jacket: 10k
    rubyburst hoodie jacket: 10k
    twilight hoodie jacket: 10k
    ocean hoodie jacket: 10k
    bubblegum hoodie jacket: 10k
    Molten precursor hover boots: 30k
    x2 precursor hover boots: 30k
    ocean tight sneakers: 10k
    sunrise tight sneakers: 10k
    rubyburst tight sneakers: 10k
    sotrmcloud zoot suit: 40k
    sunrise zoot suit: 40k
    twilight zoot suit: 40k
    rubyburst zoot suit: 40k
    stonesurf zoot suit: 40k
    bubblegum zoot suit: 40k
    aqua zoot suit: 40k

    Adventuring items:
    Spoiler: show
    rubyburst memorial caverns explorers hat: 20k
    seekers hat: 50k (im pricing it so high due to the shrouded glade invasion, so its not available anymore)
    rubyburst pathfinders midriff: 15k
    cloverleaf seekers midriff: 10k
    toasty small stitched pants: 10k
    pitch black small stitched pants: 50k
    amethyst small stitched pants: 20k
    travelers boots: 50k
    elite explorer backpack of briarwood: 15k
    elite explorer backpack of merry vale: 15k
    elite explorer backpack of sanctuary: 15k
    memorial caverns backpack: 20k
    seekers packpack: 30k (due to invasion)

    Spoiler: show
    purple mothers day bouquet: 50k
    pink mothers day bouquet: 50k
    blue mothers day bouquet: 50k
    oversized candy cane:30k
    sugar zinger: 20k
    silver sparkler: 50k

    Spoiler: show
    stormcloud filigree long-sleeve: 70k
    blossom striped tank top: 100k
    aqua baseball hat: 40k

    Farmers Market items:
    Spoiler: show
    toasty blouse vest: 25k
    turbo blouse vest: 25k
    sunrise pink small sweater blouse: 40k
    sapphire small sweater blouse: 30k
    stormcloud small sweater blouse: 50k

    thanks guys!

    IGN: Toxic Ammie

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    Default Re: The Siren Shoppe


    IGN: Toxic Ammie

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    Default Re: The Siren Shoppe

    Bump! Good luck on the shop!

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    Default Re: The Siren Shoppe

    Quote Originally Posted by lydrv View Post
    Bump! Good luck on the shop!
    thank you!

    IGN: Toxic Ammie

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