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    Default Sienn's Vault Wishlist

    1. I am only looking for items listed in the "wanted section."
    2. I am not selling any of these items for coins.
    3. Please try to offer fair trades.
    4. No offensive language on this thread.

    Items i have for trade:

    • $10 Sc Card

    Old School Gear:

    Rare things:

    • Chugawug Sergent Exclusive
    • Traffic cone Hat VR
    • Felt Berets(Stonesurf Thunderbird and Aqua)
    • Elite Black Raging Ram Demo Pants(Demo Driver)
    • Elite Black Striking Serpent Hakama
    • Sports Shades
    • Pet trainer Aprons(Purple and Light blue)
    • Pet Trainer Pants(Green and Dark blue)

    Girls Vaults:

    • Blouse Vest(Light green)
    • Filligree Long-sleeve(Dark Red)
    • Pink Small Sweater(Dark brown)
    • Small sweater blouse(Magenta)
    • Flared Capris(Light blue and Purple)
    • Flared Pants(Light blue)
    • Layered skirt(Light Blue)
    • Small stitched Pants(Light blue)

    Guys Vaults

    • One Stripe Shirt(Dark red)
    • Stripped Polo shirt(Purple)
    • Swirly Shirt(Magenta)
    • Hightops (Orange)

    Any amount of coins you want(Within reason)

    Items I'm Looking For:

    Girls Vaults:

    • Boot Cut Pointy Pants(Magenta, Purple)
    • Dark shouldered midriff(magenta)
    • Pink small sweater (Light blue)
    • Filligree Long-sleeve(Light blue)
    • Strapped shoes(Dark Red)

    Guys Vaults:

    • Rolled sleeve Shirt(Light blue)
    • Short sleeve Flare shirt(Light blue, Magenta, Light Purple)
    • Swirly Shirt(Light blue, Purple)
    • Three Quarter Plaid Shirt(Light blue)

    ~Thanks for your time, Sienn
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