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Title: Shy's Collections - Trading

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    Default Shy's Collections - Trading


    Look at this stuff.

    Isn't it neat?
    Wouldn't you say my collection's Complete?
    Well, it's not xD so could you please help me find some things i'm looking for?

    What I'm looking For: (I can also pay coins for these items. Name your price.)
    Spoiler: show

    Sunny Top
    Speckled Wood Butterfly
    Going Home

    What I Have to trade: (Brace Yourselves)
    Spoiler: show

    3D Glasses
    A Bag of Gumballs
    A Bag of Lunchpails
    A Bag of Websites
    Air Battle Ring (3)
    Amethyst Gems
    Amethyst Ring
    Ancient Dog Bone (2)
    Angry Checkered Ant
    Angry Checkered Caterpillar (2)
    Angry Checkered Centipede
    Angry Checkered Snail
    Angry Checkered Spider
    Angry Green Firefly
    Angry Orange Firefly
    Angry Red Firefly
    Angry Solid Ant
    Angry Solid Caterpillar (2)
    Angry Solid Snail (4)
    Angry Solid Spider (4)
    Angry Spotted Snail (2)
    Angry Spotted Spider (2)
    Angry Striped Ant
    Angry Striped Centipede (5)
    Angry Striped Snail (2)
    Angry Striped Spider (2)
    Antique Button
    Archer Story Page 1 (34)
    Archer Story Page 2 (23)
    Archer Story Page 3 (25)
    Archer Story Page 4 (23)
    Archer Story Page 5 (27)
    Archer Story Page 6 (26)
    Archer Story Page 7 (27)
    Archer Story Page 8 (29)
    Arrow Rest (33)
    Assembly Button (3)
    Aunt's Ring (4)
    Axe Essence of Fire (2)
    Axe Essence of Water
    Axe Head (3)
    Ayani Medal (3)
    Ayani Star Cleats
    Baby Bottle (7)
    Baking Mixer
    Baking Oven Mitt
    Baking Pan
    Baking Rack
    Baking Sifter
    Bamboo Doll Chest
    Bamboo Doll Pants
    Bamboo Doll Pauldrons
    Bamboo Doll Potions
    Baneful Mushroom
    Bent Bottle Cap
    Bent Spoon (4)
    Big Blue Doll Arms
    Big Blue Doll Chest
    Big Blue Doll Pants
    Big Blue Doll Weapons
    Big Blue Sunflower (2)
    Bioluminescent (3)
    Birds Of Paradise
    Birdwing Butterfly
    Bishop Seasnail
    Black Bird Of Paradise (2)
    Black Eyes Sunflower
    Black Ninja Outfit Doll (2)
    Black Tulip (2)
    Blouse Button
    Blue Army Man
    Blue Bird Of Paradise (4)
    Blue Bomber Yo-Yo (3)
    Blue Bottle Cap (2)
    Blue Carnation (2)
    Blue Daffodil
    Blue Daisy
    Blue Doll (2)
    Blue Mushroom
    Blue Singing Crystal
    Boiling Nettleseed Water Sample
    Boiling Sanctuary Water Sample (3)
    Bottle Of Sand (2)
    Bow Comfort Grip (20)
    Bow Essence Of Fire (56)
    Bow Essence Of Water (50)
    Bow Essence Of Wind (60)
    Bow Scope (20)
    Bow Sling (29)
    Bow Stabilizer (25)
    Bramley’s Seeding Apple (3)
    Brawler Doll Gloves
    Brawler Doll Shirt
    Brawler Doll Shorts (3)
    Brawler Story Page 1 (2)
    Brawler Story Page 2
    Brawler Story Page 3
    Brawler Story Page 4
    Brawler Story Page 5
    Brawler Story Page 6 (4)
    Brawler Story Page 7 (4)
    Brawler Story Page 8 (4)
    Bright Sun Doll Mask
    Bright Sun Doll Pants
    Bright Sun Doll Weapons (3)
    Brilliant Illumination
    Brittle Ancient Statue
    Broken Flip Flop
    Bronze Basketball Trophy (2)
    Bronze Bike Riding Trophy (3)
    Bronze Bowling Trophy (2)
    Bronze Explorer Medal
    Bronze Football Trophy (4)
    Bronze Golfing Trophy
    Bronze Marathon Trophy (3)
    Bronze Softball Trophy
    Brother’s Ring (3)
    Brown Bottle Cap (4)
    Brown Doll (2)
    Brown Mushroom
    Bug Bitten Sanctuary Leaf
    Bug Bitten Snowhill Leaf
    Calla Lilly (4)
    Capture The Flag Trophy
    Carving Knife (3)
    Casual Doll Accessories (4)
    Casual Doll Accessories#2
    Casual Doll Boots
    Casual Doll Cap (2)
    Casual Doll Cap#2 (2)
    Casual Doll Jacket (3)
    Casual Doll Jacket#2 (6)
    Casual Doll Pants (2)
    Casual Doll Pants#2
    Casual Doll Ring (6)
    Casual Doll Ring#2 (2)
    Casual Doll Shirt (3)
    Casual Doll Shirt (3)
    Casual Doll Shoes (4)
    Casual Doll Shoes (3)
    Casual Doll Shorts (3)
    Cave Torch (3)
    Check Seasnail
    Checkered Ant Army
    Checkered Cocoon
    Checkmate Seasnail
    Chilled Lilly
    Chilled Orchid
    Chugawug Apple (3)
    Chugawug Medal Of Honor (4)
    Clean Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
    Clean Merry Vale Water Sample
    Clean Nettleseed Water Sample (2)
    Clean Sanctuary Water Sample (2)
    Clean Seaside Water Sample
    Coat Button (4)
    Collection Waterfall Ring (5)
    Cousin’s Ring (2)
    Cracked Ancient Bone (2)
    Cracked Ancient Chalice
    Cracked Ancient Plate
    Cracked Ancient Statue
    Crystal Gems (5)
    Crystal Mushroom (2)
    Dangerous Mushroom (2)
    Deep Blue Doll Arms
    Deep Blue Doll Chest (3)
    Deep Blue Doll Legs (3)
    Deep Blue Doll Mask
    Deep Blue Doll Pauldrons (3)
    Deep Blue Doll Weapons
    Demolished Loafer
    Dirty Bottle
    Dirty Nettleseed Water Sample
    Dirty Sanctuary Mixture
    Dirty Sanctuary Water Sample
    Dirty Seaside Water Sample
    Dragon’s Breath (2)
    Dried Shell
    Dried Up Snowhill Leaf
    Dried Up Sanctuary Leaf (3)
    Dueling Trophy (3)
    Dull Knife (2)
    Dwarf’s Medal Of Honor (5)
    Electric Ring (2)
    Elf’s Medal Of Honor (5)
    Emerald Ring
    Enchanted Mushroom (3)
    Extra Button (4)
    Extreme Embers (2)
    Fancy Button (4)
    Fancy Sand Dollar
    Fancy Shell (2)
    Fancy Spoon (3)
    Fatal Mushroom
    Father’s Ring (3)
    Fav Feline (3)
    Ferocious Combustion (2)
    Festive Button (2)
    Fire And Ice Doll Arms (6)
    Fire And Ice Doll Chest (5)
    Fire And Ice Doll Legs (2)
    Fire And Ice Doll Mask (7)
    Fire And Ice Doll Pants (4)
    Fire And Ice Doll Pauldrons
    Fire And Ice Doll Potions (2)
    Fire And Ice Doll Weapons (2)
    Firefly Navigators
    Flattened Bottle Cap (4)
    Flawless Precision (6)
    Flight Goggles (2)
    Floren Moustache Leaf (3)
    Forest Battle Ring (3)
    Forgotten Ancient Arrowhead (2)
    Forgotten Ancient Chalice
    Forgotten Ancient Urn
    Formal Doll Accessories (2)
    Formal Doll Boots (2)
    Formal Doll Boots#2 (3)
    Formal Doll Cap (2)
    Formal Doll Cap#2 (3)
    Formal Doll Dress (2)
    Formal Doll Gloves
    Formal Doll Gloves#2 (4)
    Formal Doll Jacket (4)
    Formal Doll Jacket#2
    Formal Doll Pants (4)
    Formal Doll Shirt
    Formal Doll Shirt#2 (5)
    Formal Doll Shoes
    Formal Doll Shoes#2 (2)
    Fragile Ancient Jug
    Fragile Ancient Mask
    Freezing Merry Vale Liquid Concoction
    Freezing Merry Vale Water Sample
    Freezing Nettleseed Water Sample
    Freezing Sanctuary Liquid Concoction (6)
    Freezing Sanctuary Mixture
    Freezing Sanctuary Water Sample (4)
    Freezing Sanctuary Water Sample (4)
    Freezing Seaside Mixture
    Freezing Seaside Water sample (2)
    Fresh Button Mushroom
    Fresh Shell (3)
    Fresh Shiitake Mushroom
    Freshly Fallen Sanctuary Leaf (2)
    Freshly Fallen Snowhill Leaf
    Frostbitten Orchid
    Frostbitten Rose
    Frostbitten Tulip
    Frosted Pine Cone (2)
    Frosty Mushroom
    Frosty Tulip
    Frozen Daffodil
    Funny Glasses
    Fuzzy Sanctuary Leaf
    Gala Apple (3)
    Galli-Mimimimus Spine
    Geothermal Ring
    Ghosthunter Yo-Yo (4)
    Giant Sunflower
    Ginger Gold (4)
    Giving 110% Medal
    Glacial Rose (2)
    Goblin Green Top (3)
    Gold Army Man (7)
    Gold Basketball Trophy (2)
    Gold Bowling Trophy
    Gold Button
    Gold Cheerleading Trophy (2)
    Gold Explorer Medal
    Gold Football Trophy (2)
    Gold Gamer Medal
    Gold Golfing Trophy
    Gold Marathon Trophy
    Gold Racing Medal
    Gold Softball Trophy
    Gold Swimming Medal (3)
    Gold Tag Medals
    Golden Blue Ring (3)
    Golden Delicious Apple (4)
    Granny Smith Apple (5)
    Gray Button (2)
    Great White Skarkalot Teeth
    Great White Sharkee Teeth
    Great White Sharkie Teeth
    Green Army Man (3)
    Green Balloon (2)
    Green Bird Of Paradise (4)
    Green Bottle Cap (4)
    Green Carnation
    Green Daffodil
    Green Daisy
    Green Doll (3)
    Green Gem Ring
    Green Lily (2)
    Green Orchid (4)
    Green Spotted Mushroom (2)
    Greensleeves Apple (7)
    Grey Army Man (3)
    Grimes Golden Apple (2)
    Grimy Bottle Cap (2)
    Halved Bottle Cap (3)
    Hammer Ergonomic Grip (2)
    Hammer Essence Of Earth (3)
    Hammer Essence of Water (7)
    Hammer Essence Of Wind (5)
    Hammer Handle (2)
    Hammer Mold (3)
    Haunted Light (2)
    Helping Hand Medal
    Highest Ranked Trophy (3)
    Honeycrisp Apple (4)
    Hot Springs Ring (3)
    Humans Medal Of Honor (5)
    Hydro Ring
    Ice Ring (3)
    Icy Blue Top
    Icy Lily
    Icy Rose Icy Tulip
    Immense Courage (5)
    Impenetrable Defense (5)
    Intolerable Heat
    Jeweled Pine Cone (3)
    Jonagold Apple (3)
    King Checkered Ant
    King Checkered Caterpillar (3)
    King Checkered Snail (2)
    King Checkered Spider
    King Green Firefly
    King Seasnail (2)
    King Solid Ant (2)
    King Sold Centipede
    King Solid Caterpillar (2)
    King Spotted Snail (4)
    King Spotted Ant (2)
    King Striped Caterpillar (2)
    King Striped Snail (4)
    King Striped Spider
    Knight Seasnail (2)
    Kudzu (2)
    Lakeshore Cap
    Lakeside Ring
    Large Checkered Caterpillar
    Large Checkered Spider (2)
    Large Firefly
    Large Green Firefly (2)
    Large Orange Firefly
    Large Pine Cone
    Large Portobello Mushroom
    Large Shiitake Mushroom
    Large Solid Ant
    Large Solid Caterpillar (4)
    Large Solid Centipede (2)
    Large Solid Snail (2)
    Large Solid Spider (2)
    Large Spotted Ant
    Large Spotted Caterpillar
    Large Striped Ant
    Large Striped Caterpillar
    Large Striped Centipede (4)
    Last Man Standing Trophy
    Lavender Rose
    Lethal Mushroom (3)
    License Plate
    Life Energy Medal (4)
    Lightning In A Bottle (4)
    Loyalty Medal (3)
    Magical Nettleseed Water Sample
    Magical Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Magical Sanctuary Mixture (3)
    Magical Seaside Water Sample
    Mangled Boot (3)
    Medic Story Page #1
    Medic Story Page #2
    Medic Story Page #3
    Medic Story Page #5 (2)
    Medic Story Page #7
    Medic Story Page #8
    Message in a Bottle (3)
    Metal Rod (3)
    Meteor Shower Yo-Yo
    Meteoric Rain (2)
    Moldy Button Mushroom
    Moldy Portobello Mushroom
    Moldy Shiitake Mushroom (6)
    Molten Lava (2)
    Monocle (2)
    Moon Flower (5)
    Morbid Mushroom (3)
    Most Effective Trophy (2)
    Most Improved Trophy (2)
    Most Time Played Trophy (3)
    Mountain Battle Ring (2)
    Musical Spoon (5)
    Mutsu Apple (3)
    Mystic Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
    Mystical Sanctuary Mixture
    Mystical Sanctuary Water Sample
    Mystical Seaside Mixture
    Mystical Seaside water Sample
    Ninja Story Page #1 (17)
    Ninja Story Page #2 (12)
    Ninja Story Page #3 (21)
    Ninja Story Page #4 (17)
    Ninja Story Page #5 (17)
    Ninja Story Page #6 (15)
    Ninja Story Page #7 (14)
    Ninja Story Page #8 (10)
    Northwestern Greening Apple (2)
    Noxious Mushroom (3)
    Ocean Ring (2)
    Old Button Mushroom
    Old Portobello Mushroom
    Old Shiitake Mushroom (4)
    Olympic Torch (3)
    Orange Army Man (3)
    Orange Bird of Paradise (5)
    Orange Daisy (3)
    Orange Doll
    Orange Orchid
    Orange Spotted Mushroom (2)
    Ordinary Shell
    Painted Button (3)
    Painted Lady Butterfly (3)
    Pawn Seasnail (2)
    Perfect Timing (2)
    Petite Ring (3)
    Petri-dactyl Spine
    Pink Bird of Paradise (5)
    Pink Bow Ring
    Pink Daffodil
    Pink Daisy (2)
    Pink Flower Ring (2)
    Pink Lily (2)
    Pink Mushroom (3)
    Pink Orchid (3)
    Pink Spotted Mushroom
    Pink Tulip (4)
    Pitiful Fossil
    Pixie Dust (3)
    Pixies Medal of Honor (2)
    Pixiewood Apple (4)
    Pixiewood Doll Boots
    Pixiewood Doll Cap (6)
    Pixiewood Doll Gear
    Pixiewood Doll Jacket
    Pixiewood Doll Pants
    Pixiewood Doll Ring
    Pixiewood Doll Shirt (2)
    Pixiewood Doll Shoes
    Plain Top
    Plains Battle Ring (3)
    Plastic Button (3)
    Plastic Fork
    Plum Judy Butterfly
    Pommel (21)
    Pond Ring
    Primitive Fork
    Princess (2)
    Pristine Bottle Cap (2)
    Pristine Button
    Purple Army Man (6)
    Purple Bird of Paradise (2)
    Purple Carnation (2)
    Purple Daffodil
    Purple Daisy
    Purple Doll (4)
    Purple Flower Ring (2)
    Purple Lily (2)
    Purple Spotted Mushroom (3)
    Queen Checkered Ant (2)
    Queen Checkered Centipede
    Queen Checkered Snail
    Queen Green Firefly
    Raging Fire (4)
    Rare Orchid (2)
    Rare Snowhill Rose
    Red Army Man (6)
    Red Bird Of Paradise (6)
    Red Bottle Cap (4)
    Red Carnation
    Red Daffodil (2)
    Red Daisy
    Red Doll (2)
    Red Lily (4)
    Red Mushroom
    Red Orchid
    Red Rose (2)
    Red Tulip
    Repaired Glasses
    Ring of Fire Sunflower
    Ring Of Rain
    River Ring
    Robgoblin Booger
    Rusty Bottlecap (4)
    Rusty Fork
    Saucer (2)
    Sea of Flames
    Sewing Button
    Shiny Bottle Cap (2)
    Shirt Button
    Shooting Star Medal (2)
    Silver Basketball Trophy
    Silver Bike Riding Trophy
    Silver Bottle Cap (3)
    Silver Button
    Silver Explorer Medal (2)
    Silver Fork
    Silver Gamer Medal (3)
    Silver Racing Medal
    Silver Spoon
    Silver Swimming Medal (3)
    Silver Tag Medal (5)
    Sleeve Button
    Smart Green Firefly
    Smart Red Firefly
    Smashed Bottle Cap (3)
    Snowflake Medal
    Snowhill Birds of Paradise
    Snowhill Passion Flower
    Snowhill Water Lily
    Snowman Button (4)
    Snowy Lily
    Snowy Rose (2)
    Snowy Sunflower
    Soup Spoon (4)
    Star Cluster Medal
    Sterling Silver Plate (2)
    Stingray Sleeper Yo-Yo
    Sun Touched Medal
    Swallowtail Butterfly
    Sweater Button (3)
    Team Trophy (4)
    Tin Bottle Cap (4)
    Trolls Medal Of Honor
    Trouser Button Tunic Button
    Unidentified Medal of Honor (3)
    Vintage Button (2)
    Water Bottle
    Water Lily
    Wax Button
    White Daffodil
    Wintery Carnation
    Wintery Daffodil
    Wintery Lily
    Wintery Tulip
    Wolves Tamed
    Yellow Bird Of Paradise (5)
    Yellow Carnation
    Yellow Daisy
    Yellow Rose
    Yellow Tulip
    Yeti Hair

    Hopefully we can help each other out and complete some Collections!

    Please leave your IGN along with what you want to trade.
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    IGN: Shyshadow

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    Default Re: Shy's Collections - Trading

    <<Bump>> Still Looking for some collection items. Any help would be much appreciated :]

    IGN: Shyshadow

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    Default Re: Shy's Collections - Trading

    Hi Shy

    I have some collection items for you:
    - Silver Lining Medal
    - Bravery Medal
    - Bronze Gamer Medal

    I would like to have these two items for them:
    - Soup Spoon
    - Dull Knife

    ​My IGN: Candy Glitter (I am already on your friendlist)

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    Default Re: Shy's Collections - Trading

    @Candy Glitter - Thanks for the trade! ------- Still looking for collection items
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    IGN: Shyshadow

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