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Title: Shop.

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    Default Shop.

    Hey Insiders I'm InternetGirl01 in game name Jayda Majesticgem. I've been buying alot of stuff lately so I'm like super low on coins so I'm opening a shop with everything (not everything but you get the idea) Prices will be negotiable and will have some color charts but please before you buy anything read the rules.
    1.First come first serve do not argue over anything but if someone may offer more than the given price I will most likely accept
    2. Please always fill ou the order form which is this-
    Number of Items/Total:
    In Game Name:
    Time you will be on:
    If you do not fill this out I will ignore your post or let you know if you don't
    3. You may ask questions and send me pms
    4.Have Fun!!!!!

    Spoiler: show

    Bubblegum Backward cap and shades 5k
    Twilight Backward cap and shades 5k
    Sapphire Backward cap and shades 5k
    Sunrise skullbeanie and shades 5k
    Twilight skullbeanie and shades 5k
    Mantis skullbeanie and shades 5k
    Aqua skullbeanie and shades 5k
    Blizzard skullbeanie and shades 5k

    Spoiler: show

    Turbo Designer Gloves 5k
    Aqua Padded gloves 5k
    Turbo Padded Gloves 5k

    Spoiler: show

    Twilight big skull belt shirt 8k
    Amethyst big skull belt shirt 8k
    Alienware T-shirt 60k
    Toasty layered skull shirt 7k
    Commoner layered skull shirt 7k
    Turbo Layered Skull Shirt 8k
    Mantis Zipped leather jacket 15k
    Aqua zipped leather jacket 20k
    Bubblegum shoshboom jacket (for another color)

    Spoiler: show

    Turbo shooshboom pants (for another color)
    Twilight shooshboom pants (for another color)
    Aqua shooshboom pants (for another color)
    Shadestone stitched short pants 8k

    Spoiler: show

    Cloverleaf combat boots 10k
    Blossom peep toe pumps 5k

    Spoiler: show


    Spoiler: show

    Coming soon

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    Default Re: Shop.

    I'd like to purchase your blossom peep toe pumps for 5k pls

    IGN is Elura Elurae


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