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Title: Shop

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    Default Shop

    Welcome to my shop. Take a look at my items. If there is something you want, post a reply.
    Freestyle items:
    Subarctic Wnterwear Hat
    Sport Sades
    Rugged Winterwear Hat
    Thermal Winterwear Gloves
    Short Sleeved Flared Shirt (Purple)

    I plan to add more items.

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    Default Re: Shop

    Hi can I buy the Short Sleeved Flaired Shirt (Purple) 45k - 50k?
    My name is Mark Korr and I'm always in Servor 1.

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    Default Re: Shop

    Sport Sades
    i offer 100,000 coins :/

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    Default Re: Shop

    sport shades, i offer 101k

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