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    Icon2 Selling some stuff!

    got some stuff from my friend (shes quitting free realms) and i wanna sell them cuz i need money.... Heres what im selling:

    • Turtle-28k
    • Tiki torch-16k
    • Be mine basket-15k
    • Hearts wall sticker(red)-10k
    • white teddy bear-20k
    • red teddy bear-20k

    well thats all she gave me... the redd teddy bear was mine tho!

    plz plz buy something from me!
    Thanks for the amazing sig:
    Jaiyden & Lindei

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    Default Re: Selling some stuff!

    Hiya Ella,

    Would you take 45k for the three items listed below?
    You have it priced at a total of 46k which I have and will pay.
    But I'm getting a bit low on funds and thought I would ask if 45k would be alright with you?

    Tiki torch-16k
    Hearts wall sticker(red)-10k
    white teddy bear-20k

    Either way I want to buy these items please.
    Let me know when you want to trade.
    Thank you!

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