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    Default Selling Some Random Stuff That I Don't Want! *Closed*

    Hey guys, Torak Lin here again and I'm selling some random stuff that I don't want.
    Here goes the list:

    First-Class Postman Pants (Level 20 Postman required) - 10,000 coins Sold
    Yellow Flying Dragon Hakama (Retired armour, level 16 Ninja required) - 30,000 coins Sold
    Yellow Striking Serpent Tabi Boots (Retired armour, level 16 Ninja required) - 25,000 coins Sold
    (Note: Prices will not be lowered, especially the retired stuff.)

    That's all I have for sale right now. I might add more stuff.
    If you're interested to buy any of those listed above, you can either post below or PM me on FRI. (PM me on Free Realms Insider first, so that I can confirm the trade.)
    Thanks for your time.

    Updated: Sold First-Class Postman Pants. Retired Ninja armour still available for sale.
    Updated: Sold yellow Striking Serpent Tabi Boots.
    Updated: Sold yellow Flying Dragon Hakama.
    Updated: Sold all the items in the shop. Thread closed.
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