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Title: Selling!! O-O

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    Default Selling!! O-O

    Owly is selling:
    1 Briarwood Birthday shirt (purple)
    1 Shroulded Glade Shirt (grey or blue)
    1 Insulated Winter Pants (Girls!!!!
    Would like for:
    Briarwood B-day shirt and Shroulded Glade Shirt: Coins or keys
    Insulated Pants: Cardigan Sweater (Any Color) Or coins
    Put your IGN and time.

    Buy or deal with the randomness
    Last edited by Owl Becca; 06-06-2011 at 01:24 PM. Reason: My brother played a trick on me and redeemed my goth pants.

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    Default Re: Selling!! O-O

    for the goth pants how about keys? Just tell me how many and the names of them. Can give u a complete set to any chest (or several chests) only key I cant provide is the key to the city (of course)
    OR I have goth boots and coins

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