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    Default Selling Indiviual Keys and Key Sets // Pocket-Key Guide

    Hi, welcome to my new Key Store. I also have a mini guide in this thread. I am selling key sets for 8k each, and individual keys for 1k each.

    S = Set
    I = Individual
    A = Available
    N/A = Not Available

    Priority is for sets of keys so if one key is not available individually it is available in the set but there is not a spare to trade.

    Key Sets:

    Everyday Keys:
    ~Briarwood Chest
    ~"A collection of keys used in everyday life."

    S N/A

    • Toy Chest Key (I N/A)
    • Safety Deposit Box Key (I N/A)
    • Jewelery Box Key (N/A)
    • Lock Box Key(I A x4)
    • Bike Lock Key (I N/A)
    • Breadbox Key (I N/A)
    • Minivan Key (I N/A)
    • Locker Key (N/A)

    Fancy Keys:
    ~Snowhill Chest
    ~"Keys as fancy as these are invaluable."

    S N/A

    • Royal Key (I N/A)
    • Lionheart Key (N/A)
    • Guardian Key (I A x1)
    • Heartstone Key (N/A)
    • Saint's Key (N/A)
    • Fancy Key (I A x1)
    • Pixie Key (I A x7)
    • Colonel's Key (I N/A)

    ~Memorial Caverns Chest
    ~"Normal everyday keys that jingle in your pocket."

    S N/A

    • Chest Key (I A x2)
    • Spare Key (I A x3)
    • Master Key (I N/A)
    • Shackles Key (I A x3)
    • Do Not Duplicate Key (N/A)
    • Safe Key (N/A)
    • Car Key (I A x1)
    • Any Key (I A x5)

    Sacred Keys:
    ~Set NOT completely available because 1 of these keys [Key to the City] is quested
    ~The King's Key and Jeweled Key can be quested but are also available from rare robgoblin junkpiles
    ~Price will be 7k instead of 8k
    ~Ayani Chest
    ~"A collection of sacred keys."

    S N/A

    • Jeweled Key (I N/A)
    • King's Key (I A x1)
    • Queen's Key (N/A)
    • Mayor's Key (N/A)
    • Chugawug Key (I A x1)
    • Bixie Key (I N/A)
    • General Key (I A x1)

    Special Keys:
    ~Seaside Chest Key
    ~"A collection of keys that are special in many ways."

    S N/A

    • Ruby Gemmed Key (N/A)
    • Mansion Key (I A x1)
    • Extra Fancy Key (N/A)
    • Jewel Encrusted Key (N/A)
    • Bank Safe Key (I A x1)
    • Robgoblin Key (N/A)
    • Elf Key (N/A)
    • Intricate Key (N/A)

    Useful Keys:
    ~Blackspore Chest Key
    ~"A collection of keys that come in handy on many occasions."

    S N/A

    • Jail Cell Key (I N/A)
    • House Key (N/A)
    • Makeup Box Key (I A x1)
    • Cash Register Key (I N/A)
    • School Locker Key (I N/A)
    • Cabinet Key (I A x2)
    • Spare Car Key (I A x1)
    • Safety Lock Key (I N/A)

    As you can see, no sets are currently available, but they will be shortly.


    Individual Keys:

    • Lock Box Key x4
    • Guardian Key x1
    • Fancy Key x1
    • Pixie Key x7
    • Chest Key x2
    • Spare Key x3
    • Shackles Key x3
    • Car Key x1
    • Any Key x5
    • King's Key x1
    • Chugawug Key x1
    • General Key x1
    • Mansion Key x1
    • Bank Safe Key 1
    • Makeup Box Key x1
    • Cabinet Key x2
    • Spare Car Key x1

    I'll try to update this thread as much as possible and if you ever need any help with key-facts/information please ask me. I'll be happy to help!
    And if anyone notices any errors with this thread please tell me.

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    Default Re: Selling Indiviual Keys and Key Sets // Pocket-Key Guide

    EDIT>sry nevr mind this reply..
    saving for something
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