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    Default Selling Camp Pack! CLOSED

    I am selling a camp pack! Here is what the camp pack includes...

    Camp Pack:
    Camp Chatty Banner (x5)
    Camp Robbie Banner (x7)
    Caterpillar Spitfire (x4)
    Chatty Totem (x6)
    Chugawug Totem (x3)
    Mushroom Spitfire (x7)
    Nutty Spitfire (x9)
    Owl Totem (x3)
    Robbie Totem (x3)
    Troll Totem (x3)
    Camp Robbie Tent (x2)
    Camp Chatty Tent (x1)
    Man-eating Plant Totem (x6)
    Tasty Marshmallow (x2)
    Small Launchpad (x1) (Worth about 67k in stores)

    I would like a $5 SC card for this pack.

    Note: I might be looking back here to see what you want so be patient while we're trading.
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