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    Default Selling Bug repellants (large quanity) for almost half price

    Ok, here's the dillema (don't know if anyone else has this problem) but sometimes I buy bug spray (usually 50 at a time) instead of farming plots....

    Therefore I currently have the following for sale either in bulk (will offer an even better deal) or per item:

    510 bug repellants total:

    Selling for 50 coins each. (FR Market price is 90 coins each)
    11 for 500 coins
    25 for 1000 coins

    I hope I can get rid of these. If you farm this is a great deal for you especially on the higher levels of farming you will need these. Post how many you want and be sure and leave your IGN if I am not on your friends list, if I am just port to me IG. THANKS!!
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