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    Default Selling/auctioning My Account For Coins

    Alrighty. Since my FR character has alot of VRs and other things of that nature, I wanna start over c: So I am sellling/auctioning my Toxic Naomi FR Account for coins for a new character. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. My portrait gallery is Free Realms - Character Portrait Gallery

    VRs I have:
    Goth Coat
    Punk Pants
    Goth Gloves
    Pointy Pick-Axe
    Wolf T-Shirt
    Duelist Utility Belt
    Chatdy Backpack
    Pink Mushroom Cap
    Doggy Newspaper Hat
    Frost Grenade(From The Monthly Members Card Pack)
    Goth Coat(From The Monthly Members Card Pack)
    As I said please PM me if you need more info.
    Starting Bid: 80k
    Bid Increasment:2k
    Buyout: 300k? Will lower or raise if needed.

    Bid Ends: Saturday August 27th, 6:00PM EST

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    Default Re: Selling/auctioning My Account For Coins

    Sorry, we do not allow users to sell their account on our Free Market. Please consider looking into "Live Gamer" a service provided by SOE.

    17.) Account selling is NOT allowed on You may, however, post a link to a Livegamer sale. Answering questions about the account is fine too. The sale of the account must not take place on FRI.

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