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    Default Selling $10 SC Card

    Hey guys Lolaya here, selling a $10 SC Card! I havent been active on Insiders recently but I am here to sell something!

    This $10 SC Card will get you a Summer Pass which just came out, SC items, or 2 months of membership!
    (I suggest getting the summer pass.)

    You can trust me, and I suggest you ask around to see if I can be trusted

    Item: $10 SC Card
    Price: 550k or a Vault Shirt I don't have

    Other Places I am selling:
    Mystic Mayhem
    Official Forums

    My Policy: Whoever offers to buy the Card on either site defined by time first gets it

    Proud Leader of <Renegade>
    I have won 1 TCG Tourney and I have maxed all jobs!

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    Default Re: Selling $10 SC Card

    SOLD!!! In game name is Jason Tinnyswing. Let me know when you're ready to trade. Thanks.
    In-game name: Jason Tinnyswing

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    Default Re: Selling $10 SC Card

    lightbrown ss plaid
    Spoiler: show
    Watch your thoughts, they become words.Watch your words, they become actions.Watch your actions, they become habits.Watch your habits, they become your character.Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

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    Default Re: Selling $10 SC Card

    I didn't see any post on MM or the Official Forum

    No fair i couldn't even get a chance >: (

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