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Title: Sample Shoppe

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    Default Sample Shoppe

    so i recently joined FR again after a break, and i find the whole "farming' thing to be really boring, so i'm selling all my samples. Not very much atm, but i will continue to update. Do people still farm? idek, but i just want to get these off my hands.

    [ each sample i wil sell for 100 coins ]


    Briarapple x3
    Briarmelon x3
    Bumbleberry x22
    Chugaroot x6
    Moonbean x8
    Rainleaf x6
    Snowberry x6
    Spiralmint x3
    Stickfruit x3
    Sunleaf x6
    Wildroot x5

    Harvested Crops:

    Wildroot x5 (300 coins each)

    Just let me know if you're interested an anything

    -Charlotte ♥

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    You go Glen Coco

    check out my shop

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