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    Default Rufus Weasledance's xtra stuff

    Boiling Nettleseed Mixture
    Boiling Nettleseed Water Sample
    Clean Lakeshore Mixture
    Clean Nettleseed Water Sample
    Cracked Ancient Arrowhead
    Dirty Nettleseed Water Sample
    Exceptional Gem
    Fancy Sand Dollar
    Freezing Nettleseed Water Sample
    Fresh Shiitake Mushroom
    Great White Sharken Teeth
    Jet Gems
    Large Shiitake Mushroom
    Magical Nettleseed Water Sample
    Mystical Nettleseed water sample
    Purified Nettleseed liquid conconction
    Purified nettleseed water sample
    Purple Spotted Mushroom
    Rotten Mushroom
    Sabertooth Lion Teeth
    Shrimp Fossil
    Smelly Portobello Mushroom
    Smelly Shiitake Mushroom
    Teeny Fossil
    Toxic Mushroom
    Toxic Nettleseed water Sample
    Treasured Ancient Statue
    Valuable ancient Chalice
    Valuable Ancient Mask
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    Default Re: Rufus Weasledance's xtra stuff

    Hi!! I need the Jet Gems and the Clean Lakeshore Mixture. If there is anything you want to trade for them in my trade list, please let me know. The link to it is in my signature....
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