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    Default Rawrz :3 Shop *Closed*

    Welcome to Rawrz Shop


    Orange = Hold
    Red = Sold
    Yellow = New!!


    Birthday Clothes:
    Balloon Hat (Yellow) 20k (Member)
    Balloon Hat (White) FREE LIMITED OFFER
    Balloon Bunny Hat (Magenta) 15k
    Balloon Bunny Hat (Cyan) 15k
    Balloon Bunny Hat (Purpleish Pink) 15k

    Balloon Bunny Hat (CYAN) 13k Sale
    Light Green Cupcake Hat 20k
    Grey Cupcake Hat 20k
    Brown Cupcake Hat 20k
    FreeRealms Birthday Shirt (Red) 10k
    FreeRealms Birthday Shirt (Black) 10k
    Merry Vale Birthday Shirt (Light Brown) 5k - 10k
    Merry Vale Birthday Shirt (Brown) 5k - 10k
    Merry Vale Birthday Shirt (Blue) 10k
    Sanctuary Birthday Shirt (Dark Blue) 10k
    Seaside Birthday Shirt (Blue) 2k
    Seaside Birthday Shirt (Grey) 7k
    Seaside Birthday Shirt (Black) 6k
    Seaside Birthday Shirt (White) 6k
    Shrouded Glade Birthday Shirt (Red) 10k
    Shrouded Glade Birthday Shirt (Light Yellow) 10k
    Shrouded Glade Birthday Shirt (Dark Blue) 7k
    Snowhill Birthday Shirt (Cyan) 2k
    Snowhill birthday Shirt (Blue) 7k

    Winter wear:
    Alpine Winterwear Hat: Light Green, Magenta, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Red, Coinshop Pink, Dark Purple, Black, Skin Color, Brown, Turquoise. Cyan (5k each)
    Insulated Hat: Green, Skin Color, Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Blue, Cyan, White (5k each)
    Toasty Hats: Coinshop Pink, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Grey, Red, Dark Brown, White (5k each)

    Alpine Gloves: Grey, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Dark Red, Cyan, Dark Purple, Turquoise (5k each)
    Toasty Gloves: Orange, Red, Brown, Dark purple, White (6k each)
    Insulated Gloves: Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Magenta, Red , Dark Purple, Orange, Grey, White (5k each)

    Alpine Shirt: Turquoise, Dark Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Dark Purple, Coinshop Pink (9k each)
    Toasty Shirt: Dark Blue, Green, Yellow, Cyan, White, Blue, Purple, Red, Dark Red, Brown (9k each)
    Insulated Shirt: Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Purple, Red, Dark Red, Turquoise, Brown, Grey, Light Green, Dark Green (9k each)

    Alpine Pants: Dark blue, Grey, Brown, Turquoise, Blue, Dark Purple, Yellow, Light Green (5k each)
    Insulated Pants: Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Magenta, Brown, Dark Blue (5k Each)
    Toasty Pants: Dark Brown, Dark Purple, Magenta, Dark Blue, White, Yellow, Turquoise (5k each)

    Alpine Shoes: Orange, Yellow, Different Colors of Brown (9k each)
    Insulated Shoes: Light Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Dark Green, White, Red, Dark Brown (9k each)
    Toasty Shoes: Orange, Dark Brown, Yellow, Red, Light Yellow, Brown, Dark Purple, Green, Blue (9k each)

    Blouse Vest (Purple) 75k
    Blouse Vest (Yellow) 80k
    Blouse Vest (Dark Blue) 75k
    Brown Blouse Vest 60k
    Red Pink Small Sweater Blouse 95k
    Swimmer's Shortsleeve (Coinshop Pink) 75k
    Turquoise Orange Strapped Flip Flops MAO


    Straw Hat (Red) 5k
    Straw Hat (Light Brown) 5k
    Straw Hat (Brown) 5k
    Sun Hat (Red) 5k

    Dark Purple Bermunda Shorts 7k
    Blackspore Chest Shirt 7k
    Blackspore Hat 4k
    Briarwood Hat 4k
    Memorial Hat 4k
    White Skinny Jeans 7k
    Dark Red Skinny Jeans 4k
    White Layerd Skirt 10k
    Light Blueish Boot Cut Pointy Pants 30k (Vault)
    Light Pink Flared Pants 20k (Vault)
    Light Black Small Stitched Pants 5k
    Pitch Black Small Stitched Pants 7k
    Light Green board Shorts 5k
    Magenta Long Cardigan 4k
    Dark Yellow Long Cardigan 4k
    Magenta One Shoulder 7k
    White One Shoulder 7k
    Pirate Shirt 5k
    Swimmers Short Sleeve (Brown and Blue) (5k each)
    Red Small Sweater Blouse 7k
    Light Blue Short Sleeve Shirt (Girls) MAO
    Olive Short Sleeve Shirt (Girls) 7k
    Dark Purple Striped Shirt (Vault) 55k

    Balloon Bow: Black, Tanish White, Turquoise, Brown 15k
    Balloon Wand: Black 15k
    Balloon Hammer: Blue, Brown, White 15k
    Balloon Saw: Brown , White, Blue, Turquoise 15k
    Paper Halloween Bag (All Colors in Coinshop) 5k
    Candy Cane (Pink,Red,Brown,Light Brown, Blue, Light Green) 5k
    Orange Shadow Blade (RARE)

    Tcg Cards:

    Brody Sparfist 45k
    Demolition Demo Derby Driver 45k
    Dwarf Mining Master 45k
    Sudden Strike 35k
    Move Along 30k
    Captain Chugug 45k
    Cale Yardbird 45k
    Animal Smuggler 45k
    Red Artifact Shard 45k
    Demo Demon 45k
    Moldering Fungaloid 45k
    Nettleseed Nibbler 45k

    Rare Foil:
    Blade Strike

    Uncommon Foil:
    Robgoblin Burglar
    Chuck a Mug

    Common Foils:
    Overheated Furnace Golem x2
    Column of Fire
    Chugawaug Cook

    Buying: (Name what you want for them)
    Turquiose Hightops
    Light Blue Hightops: Already got.
    Magenta Stitched Capris
    Dark Green Stitched Capris
    Vault Items
    Milk Gloves
    Sport Shades
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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    well i am curently poor so good luck on your new shop!

    "Always Be Yourself, Because The people Who Mind Don't Matter and The People Who Matter Don't Mind."
    Dr. Seuss.

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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    Can I see the white Wilds T Shirt and the pink Heart Shirt and Striped T Shirt (Purple)
    Ty Princess Melodie for the Signature & Avatar & the Shop Avatar
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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    i'll help out I'll buy the grey blouse vest and the red small sweater I would maybe buy for the same price? Maybe even 80k? Lmk know about that one. First buyer! Yay ^-^

    = 77k (for now x])

    "I'm Baaaaaaack!"
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    Selling Sc Every 2 Weeks! : )

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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    I have light blue hightops, I could sell now, Depending on the offer.

    "Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments..." -Deuteronomy 7:9

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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    Ok well If you want both, I cant give it to you for 160k

    How much for the hightops: 30k? Idk


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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop



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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    BUMP! Anyone?


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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    Wut would y'all give for light blah hightops? c':

    .....Can I buy the red smalls weater blouse?

    If you want me, it takes more than a week,
    more than a drink,
    more than you think. ~Katy Perry<3

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    Default Re: Rawrz :3 Shop

    Toasty Shirts - (15k):
    Dark Green,
    Light Green
    TOTAL: 30k

    The purple one. Is it light purple or dark purple? If it's dark then I will take that one too making my total 45k

    Thank you Mira for my signature! Love it!

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