okie well i have some rares for trade i dunno what ya like and what ya hate but oh well... well heres what i got up for trade ty


1X green alien head
1X yellow alien head
1X red baseball cap
1X green baseball cap
6X bee anteannee in red, green, dark blue, aqua, yellow and pink
1X heart anteannee
2X insulated winterwear hats in mint green and light pink
1X toasty winterwear hat in purplish pink


1X yellow alien hands
1X hot pink designer gloves


1X deathly love shirt
1X friendless t-shirt
1X kisses t-shirt
2X alien shirts in orange and blue
6X birthday shirts: blackspore swamp, briarwood, free realms, sancturary, snowhill, and shrouded glade
1X broken heart t-shirt
1X dark blue cardy
1X dark brown dark shouldered midriff
1X deathly love t-shirt
1X red heart t-shirt
1X green isulated winterwear jacket
2X poofy blouse vests in yellow and blue
1X white robgoblin shirt
2X ruffled blouses in the usual blue and tan
1X normal red small sweater blouse
1X aqua small sweater blouse
1X dark blue striped ruffled blouse
1X hot pink striped t-shirt
1X grey toasty winterwear jacket
2X wilds t-shirts in red and tan


3X alien pants in green red and yellow
1X tan bermuda shorts
1X green board shorts


1X orange alien feet
2X dobo dankin sick kicks in black and pink
1X black dress shoes
1X blue hightops
1X molten lava hover boots
2X orange-strapped flip-flops in red and white
1X precursor hover boots
2X striped shoes in blue and green


3X mothers day banquet flowers in red aqua and yellow
1X dark blue oversized candy cane


2X zoot suits in red and aqua
77 rares for trade

well thats all the rares i have up for trade ty!!! btw i luv the colors red black and purple just so you know what might be good to trade for some things TY AGAIN
my IGN is Isabel Shadowhunter1