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    Icon6 Quick trades! :o

    hello im in need of money/boosters so here is what ish selling:
    *Pug whistle-300,000 Coins or 3 boosters
    *Skater shorts-300,000 Coins or 3 boosters
    *Banana Suit-100,000 or 1 booster
    *Mushroom Giant boss-80k-100k or 1 booster
    *Demo demon~50k
    *Dwarf Mining master~50k

    Winterwear: (girls only sorry)
    Alpine winterwear hat pink~30k
    Alpine winterwear hat white~30k
    Insulated winterwear hat orange~30k
    Toasty winterwear hat brown~30k

    Brown alpine gloves~30k
    Yellow insulated gloves~30k
    Orange Toasty gloves~30k

    Orange insulated jacket~30k
    Tanish insulated jacket~30k

    Purple Alpine pants~30k
    Dark red insulated pants~30k
    Light red insulated pants~30k
    Green toasty pants~30k

    Dark Blue alpine boots~30k
    light yellow insulated boots~30k
    Red alpine boots~30k

    Well thats all for right now... I might add some more stuff though! XD
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    Default Re: Quick trades! :o

    The Demo Demon and Dwarf Mining Master are only worth about 50k each.

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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