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    Icon4 Pug Whistle! :P

    ............Well Im really poor right now (i cant even buy half of a booster pack)
    And i really need money to buy some boosters
    So im auctioning a few things
    1.) Pug Whistle
    2.) Fire Hydrant hat
    3.) Skater shorts (maybe!)

    1.)~ Pug Whistle
    Starting Bid: 200k/ or 2 boosters
    Buyout: 400k/ or 4 boosters
    End Date: January 5,2011 at 5:00p.m EST or when buyout is made

    2.)~Fire hydrant hat
    Starting bid: 15k
    Buyout: 100k/ or 1 booster
    End Date: January 2,2011 at 4:00p.m EST or when buyout is made

    3.)~Skater Shorts
    Starting Bid: 150k
    Buyout: Idk how much is worth so.... 400k/ or 4 boosters (might change this if its too high)
    End Date: January 5,2011 at 5:00p.m EST or when buyout is made
    *NOTE*: If i dont like the price for the skater shorts im not gonna sell it

    Well thats all!
    Please Bid
    *note*You can also bid sc codes (if you dont have boosters or money)

    Thanks for reading!
    Thanks for the amazing sig:
    Jaiyden & Lindei

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    Default Re: Pug Whistle! :P

    Good luck :D

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