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    Default Princess Penguin's Little Shop of Awesomeness

    Orange = On Hold
    Pink = Girls Only
    White = Everyone
    Blue = Boys Only
    Yellow = Members Only

    Blackspore Birthday Shirt (Normal Color) 1k
    Shrouded Glade Birthday Shirt (Normal Color) 1k
    Wugachug Birthday Shirt (Normal Color) 1k

    Collections 10 coins each
    Boiling Lakeshore Water Sample
    Clean Lakeshore Water Sample

    Keys 1k each
    Lionheart Key
    Spare Key


    Birthday Party Banner 500 coins

    Supplies 100 coins each

    5x Anniversary Fireworks
    3x Blue Silly String
    3x Orange Anniversary Silly String
    Treeble Treat
    3x Vanilla Cupcakes
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