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    Default Price Check Please!!!!

    Just wondering how much each of these items are worth I was thinking about selling some of them. Any info is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!
    (Note:I understand that most of these will probably be in the same price ranges, and if so, just put "most in price range of....". You don't have to repost the whole list. And whatever would be a seperate price, put seperately)

    Savage Sting Leggings-Light Green-Lv 12
    Savage Sting Bow-Light Blue, Magenta, Purple

    Ash Branded Goggles-Magenta-Lv 1
    Ash Branded Apron-Brown

    Flame Singed Goggles-Purple-Lv 13

    Spunky Scrapper Wraps-Light Green, Dark Red-Lv 1
    Spunky Scrapper Shirt-Magenta, Yellow, Dark Red
    Spunky Scrapper Hammer-Magenta, Brown

    Feisty Fighter Wraps-Brown-Lv 1
    Feisty Fighter Shirt-Dark Brown, Yellow
    Feisty Fighter Pauldrons-Yellow

    Street Scrapper Beanie-Light Green-Lv 4
    Street Scrapper Wraps-Light Green, Brown
    Street Scrapper Shirt-Light Blue, Light Green, Dark Brown
    Street Scrapper Boots-Magenta, Light Green
    Street Scrapper Pauldrons-Magenta, Light Green

    Rowdy Rumbler Beanie-Light Blue-Lv 4
    Rowdy Rumbler Wraps-Light Blue
    Rowdy Rumbler Shirt-Light Blue
    Rowdy Rumbler Pants-Brown
    Rowdy Rumbler Boots-Brown
    Rowdy Rumbler-Light Blue

    Alley Fighter Helmet-Brown- Lv 8
    Alley Fighter Gloves-Brown
    Alley Fighter Jacket-Light Blue
    Alley Fighter Pants-Brown
    Alley Fighter Pauldrons-Light Green

    Strong Scrapper Helmet-Brown-Lv 12
    Strong Scrapper Gloves-Yellow
    Strong Scrapper Shirt-Brown

    Ring Rumbler Shirt-Magenta-Lv 12
    Ring Rumbler Pants-Magenta
    Ring Rumbler Boots-Magenta

    Buff Bruiser Helmet-Magenta-Lv 16
    Buff Bruiser Shirt-Dark Brown, Orange/Brown
    Buff Bruiser Boots-Magenta

    Frenzy Fighter Boots-Dark Red-Lv 16

    Driller-Dark Red-Lv 12
    Kendana hammer-Purple-Lv 4
    Anvil Hammer-Dark Brown-Lv 8

    Fast Food Hat-Purple-Lv 1
    Fast Food Shoes-Yellow

    Fancy Feast Shirt-Orange-Lv 17
    Fancy Feast Pants-Dark Red

    Hurt Mender Gloves-Yellow, Dark Red-Lv 4
    Hurt Mender Boots-Orange

    Earth Digger Coveralls-Orange-Lv 17

    Sick Pick-Magenta-Lv 8
    Spade Blade-Dark Red-Lv 4

    Dancing Monkey Armwraps-Dark Red- Lv 1
    Dancing Monkey Gi-Light Green

    Prowling Rat Armwraps-Purple, Yellow-Lv 1
    Prowling Rat Gi-Purple
    Prowling Rat Hakama-Brown
    Prowling Rat Bokken-Light Blue

    Twisting Cobra Boots-Purple-Lv 4

    Diving Hawk Gi-Light Brown-Lv 8
    Diving Hawk Shoulderguard-Dark Brown

    Stalking Panther Wristguards-Brown-Lv 12

    Soaring Eagle Cowl-Light Brown-Lv 12
    Soaring Eagle Hakama-Light green
    Soaring Eagle Shoulderguard-Dark Red

    Jagged Scythe-Yellow-Lv 12
    Bokken-Dark Brown-Lv 1
    Scythe-Light Blue, Magenta-Lv 12
    Twisted Blade-Dark Brown, Light Blue-Lv 4

    Hasty Mailing Hat-Dark Red-Lv 1
    Hasty Mailing Wristbands-Purple

    Valiant Guardian Tunic-Light Brown, Light Blue-Lv 1
    Valiant Guardian Hightops-Brown
    Valiant Guardian Cudgel-Dark Red

    Courageous Defender Tunic-Light Purple-Lv 4
    Courageous Defender Breeches-Dark Green

    Spirited Protector Tunic-Dark Purple-Lv 4
    Spirited Protector Axe-Dark Red

    Chivalrous Guardian Breeches-Dark Purple, Light Brown-Lv 8

    Fearless Defender Helm-Magenta-Lv 12
    Fearless Defender Pauldrons-Brown

    Intrepid Protector Guantlets-Orange-Lv 16

    Heroic Champion Boots-Light Brown-Lv 16

    Dual Smasher-Brown, Yellow-Lv 12

    Comet Infused Short Cloak-Light Blue-Lv 1

    Power Charmed Shoes-Orange-Lv 1

    Lunar Enchanted Short Cloak-Dark Yellow-Lv 4
    Lunar Enchanted Shoes-Light Green

    Eclipse Infused Skirt-Magenta-Lv 8

    Storm Charmed Shoes-Orange, Light Blue-Lv 12

    Void Woven Shoes-Brown-Lv 16

    Twig Wand-Light Blue-Lv 1
    Bone Wand-Dark Red-Lv 12
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    Default Re: Price Check Please!!!!

    Bump!! Please help me out! Anybody??
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    Default Re: Price Check Please!!!!

    Omg!!! I like really want some of these items!! Would you be interested in sc.... Lol i really want some of that orange stuff -i collect orange-

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    Default Re: Price Check Please!!!!

    ill take any light blue when u figure out prices i luvvvv light blue

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    Default Re: Price Check Please!!!!

    :O Your so lucky Tegan is alex will trade sc from them
    Ty Princess Melodie for the Signature & Avatar & the Shop Avatar
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